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The Citadel University Engineering Club has requested a special match. Fight geth enemies in the Blasteroid map of the Armax Arsenal Arena.

Acquisition Edit

After completing one match, check the Combat Sim Controls in the Armax Arsenal Arena to read the following e-mail:

Wrecking Machines

From: CU Engineering Club


Your match got you quite a following here at the Citadel U. Engineering Club. When we heard you were in the arena, we polled the club for what kind of dream matchup they'd like to see. Funny thing--the votes came in and not a lot of people wanted Reapers or Cerberus. (I guess that's too much like the news.) They wanted to see you take down the geth, like the old days. So they're getting some friends together and I wanted to ask, could you do one just for us? Geth, on the Blasteroid map?

We can't really afford to pay you, and you're probably doing pretty well for yourself anyway as a big-time Spectre and all that, but some of the engineers here are in weapons research. Give us a game, and we'll make you a mod? Is that too gauche?

Dave Shanel
Anti-President, CU Engineering Club

Walkthrough Edit

You need to play a combat match in the Armax Arsenal Arena against geth on the Blasteroid map. This challenge is not mutually exclusive with other arena challenges and can be completed in the same match as other nonconflicting challenges, such as the Citadel Arena: Medi-Gel Challenge. However, since it is the first challenge you receive, you will not have all the match options available to you without completing non-mission matches.

The fans will send a follow-up e-mail after successful completion of the match. After you read the e-mail, you'll receive the SMG Power Magnifier weapon mod and +2 Reputation points.

RE: Wrecking Machines

From: CU Engineering Club


That was cosmic! There's nothing like seeing you on a wallscreen with people throwing corn chips and booing every time a geth makes a hit.

As mentioned, our engineering club went to town trying to make a mod for you. Enjoy!

Dave Shanel
Anti-President, CU Engineering Club

P.S. Since everybody always asks, "anti-president" is just a title that indicates we're not terribly serious around here. Come to think of it, maybe you should test that mod before trusting your life to it...

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