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A fan has delivered a challenge. Fight Cerberus enemies in the Armax Arsenal Arena with an Alliance-only squad.

Acquisition Edit

After completing some matches, check the Combat Sim Controls in the Armax Combat Arena to read the following e-mail:

If I may inquire...

From: Rutaana


I have nothing but respect for your military service, but not all of my associates share this view. They have heard rumors you worked with Cerberus, and their disappointment is intense. I've seen some of them almost visibly frown.

I have confidence this is a scandal with no truth to it. Maybe if you fought Cerberus publicly, my friends and millions like them would be won back. Seeing them believe in their hero again would be worth it. But I wouldn't want you to get hurt fighting them just for me. Could I persuade you and your Alliance soldier friends to enter the Armax combat simulator to beat the simulated Cerberus there?


Walkthrough Edit

At the Combat Simulator Control terminal select Cerberus as the enemy. Choose either no squadmates, James only, or James + Kaidan/Ashley (if the Virmire survivor is alive and available) as your squadmates—no other team members qualify as the specified "Alliance soldier friends"—and complete the combat simulation. Other modifiers are allowed per your choice. Since most challenges are not mutually exclusive, you could conceivably finish other arena challenges at the same time, e.g. Citadel Arena: Medi-Gel Challenge or Citadel Arena: Spin Zone Elite Challenge.

After completing the simulation, check the terminal for the following e-mail:

RE: If I may inquire...

From: Rutaana


I saw your match. It was just what my friends needed to see. A few of them complained that because the simulator wasn't real Cerberus, it meant less, but they were ridiculed by my other friends who knew your role in stopping the Citadel coup. I think I'm going to go watch the match again. Good luck, and thank you, Commander.


P.S. Don't you find email liberating when talking to aliens? It's so pleasant not having to preface everything.

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