A technician at Purgatory on the Citadel needs an improved power grid to keep things running. Find schematics for the new power grid and deliver them.

Alternative journal entry:
Schematics for an improved power grid have been recovered on Tuchanka. Find someone on the Citadel who can make use of them.

Acquisition Edit

Alison the technician can be found to the right of the Purgatory entrance looking at a datapad in her left hand. Listen to her complaints to acquire the mission.

Alternatively, both the item and the mission's journal entry can be acquired during a sortie against Cerberus in Tuchanka.

Walkthrough Edit

Old grid schematics terminal
The schematics can be obtained examining the Old Grid Schematics on the console in front of the controls for the cannon during the N7: Cerberus Attack mission on Tuchanka. Take them before turning on the power to the cannons.

If you didn't retrieve the power grid from the mission you can buy it from Spectre Requisitions in the Citadel Embassies for 1,000 credits.

Power Grid Schematics
Unless Purgatory's power grid is improved, the nightclub may need to cut back on entertainment. Given morale on the Citadel, keeping Purgatory operational may prove beneficial in the long term. Schematics for an older krogan power system can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Return the item to Alison, who is still standing outside Purgatory. Note: This mission must be completed before completing Priority: Tuchanka as it will be the last opportunity to turn in the item. Alison will be gone from her post after Priority: The Citadel II, nowhere to be found.

Completing this mission gives you 5 Reputation, 30 experience and 1,000 credits. It also updates the Alliance Fifth Fleet War Asset.

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