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Liara is looking into the group behind the identity theft and assassination attempt. Speak to her once she is ready.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Citadel Wards: Ambush

This mission is acquired immediately upon regaining control after escaping the ambush.

Walkthrough Edit

You arrive back at your newly acquired apartment and a conversation immediately begins about what happened. Wrex wants an explanation and Brooks says that she can’t believe that Shepard survived all of that. Shepard tries to contact Bailey but Brooks and your other crewmate warn that doing so might make him a target. Shepard agrees and shuts down the comm link. Shepard then asks Brooks how they got involved in all of this and she explains how. She wrote a program to follow officer IDs and prevent fraud and it found someone hacking into Shepard’s file. This identity thief went through Shepard's personal records, classified files, everything. Wrex then butts in saying when does hacking involve heavy-weapon fire. So everyone needs to start from somewhere and Wrex suggest that it be the pistol Shepard recovered.

Wrex says that he’s never seen anything like it, and at that point, Liara walks in to examine it, and summons Glyph. Glyph begins compiling data, disappears, Wrex wants to know about the rest of the crew, and then Joker walks in echoing the same thing and walks in with the rest of the crew that you have alive.

At this point you can go around and talk to all crew members there, Joker, EDI, Cortez, Glyph, Brooks, James, Ashley/Kaidan, and Tali are on the main floor. Javik, Garrus, and Wrex are on the top floor. Several of the crew give you a hard time about destroying the floor of the sushi bar, while Joker is still miffed at having been used as a decoy. Note: When you are ready to proceed, talk to Liara to learn what she's uncovered.

Silver Coast Casino - Infiltration
Liara says she called in some favors to get information on the gun and it lead to a casino owner named Elijah Khan, who is suspected of using his money to smuggle weapons onto the Citadel. She continues by playing a very interesting call after the attempt on Shepard’s life. So you have your ID thief, the one using the scrambler, not Khan. You can ask about the Mercs and they are from an organization called CAT6, which is slang for Alliance Dishonorable Discharges.

The conversation turns to how to get Khan, and with the saferoom he has, it won’t be easy. Liara comes up with a plan, which Shepard expands on to include a small team, no gunplay, and using stealth. Glyph cuts in to say they are using the casino for a charity event for war refugees that evening.

The topic turns to how they will get into the panic room and how to disable the camera on the door. They all provide reasons why they wouldn't be able to assist...except for Brooks. Shepard then says that she is in, despite her objections. You can reassure her that she will be covered. Liara mentions one last hurdle; it is a black tie event.

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