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A pregnant woman is under pressure to let her baby undergo gene therapy. Commander Shepard hears the argument between her and her brother-in-law in passing, and can stop to intervene.

Acquisition Edit

This assignment becomes available after completing any of the main quest worlds, i.e. Therum, Noveria or Feros. When you return to the Citadel, Rebekah Petrovsky and Michael Petrovsky are standing next to the Rapid Transit stop outside Barla Von's office.

Walkthrough Edit


Rebekah Petrovsky's husband, Jacob, died recently of a rare heart condition and Rebekah is carrying his baby. Apparently there's a risk the baby could develop the same heart condition, and Michael Petrovsky is telling Rebekah to get the condition corrected with in utero gene therapy. Rebekah disagrees. She's been reading extranet reports that say this gene therapy could be dangerous and there are other - admittedly less effective - treatments available.

This assignment only requires you to argue for or against Rebekah getting the therapy.

Choosing either to let her decide or telling her to get the therapy will bring you to another conversation tree, where you have several options where to give up and stay out of it, and get no gain, or you can Charm or Intimidate to force one of them to see your way.

  • The Charm option (skill level 2) in the "Let her choose" tree gets you 8 Paragon points and XP
  • The Intimidate option (skill level 3) in the "Let her choose" tree gets you 9 Renegade points and XP
  • The Charm option (skill level 3) in the "Get the gene therapy" tree gets you 8 Paragon points and XP
  • The Intimidate option (skill level 2) in the "Get the gene therapy" tree gets you 9 Renegade points and XP

Mass Effect 2 Consequences Edit

Rebekah and Michael will be arguing over the child (a year old this time) and "what Jacob would want", yet again, on the 26th floor of the Zakera Market, though you will not be able to intervene this time. If you let Rebekah decide what's best for the child, Michael can be heard calling Jake a "perfectly fine toddler" now. If you convince her to do the gene therapy, they're discussing possible further modifications to Jake. Rebekah's prejudice against them seems to be gone. Michael, when prompted by Rebekah, will eventually say, "I don't know. Maybe we should ask random people on the street what they think."

Mass Effect 3 Consequences Edit

Rebekah and Michael can be found on the Presidium Commons (post Priority: Palaven), again arguing over Jake. The crux of their argument this time is the issue of socializing Jake by keeping him in daycare compared to concerns for his safety in the midst of the Reaper War. Simply supporting them to do whatever is best for their family will net you 2 Reputation points. If the assignment was completed in Mass Effect, Shepard will mention that they remember the couple from their previous interaction.

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