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An elcor on the Citadel needs the Code of the Ancients to inspire his people. Recover the holy book from Dekuuna and return it to him at Purgatory.

Alternative journal entry:
The elcor Code of the Ancients was recovered from Dekuuna. Find someone on the Citadel who can use it.

Acquisition Edit

Overhear the angry elcor just outside the Purgatory elevator on the Citadel.

Alternatively, if you never went anywhere near Purgatory after the failed Cerberus coup, you can retrieve the item and the mission's journal entry on doing a Search and Rescue operation. The mission is then labeled as Citadel: Code of the Ancients.

Walkthrough Edit

Code of ancients angry elcor
The Code of the Ancients is on the elcor homeworld, in the Phontes system in the Silean Nebula. Note: the Phontes system will be accessible only after completion of the Priority: Rannoch mission. Scan the planet to retrieve the book regardless of mission acquisition method. Give the book to the elcor just outside the elevator to Purgatory.

Mission completion awards 5 Reputation and 15,000 credits, and updates the Citadel Defense Force War Asset.

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