Captain Bailey runs the local C-Sec office in Zakera Ward. He may have useful information.

Acquisition Edit

Go to the Citadel and go through the door toward the main area.

Walkthrough Edit

Upon attempting to exit the docking area, Shepard is stopped as an alarm begins to sound—security has tightened since Shepard's last visit to the Citadel. Sergeant Haron orders the scanner to be shut down and apologizes for the inconvenience—the scanners seem to think Shepard is dead. He will then direct the Commander to his captain for help to clear it up.

C-sec - badtrip bailey
Captain Bailey sees the problem immediately, as his console says Shepard is dead. Shepard can ask how he knows the Commander isn't just an impostor, to which Bailey will reply that the scanners are accurate and the best in the galaxy. Shepard then has the option to either have Bailey fix the problem or keep it that way. Should Shepard choose to have him fix it, he will reinstate Shepard's IDs and note that he just saved Shepard about nine days of running around.

No matter what choice is made, afterward Bailey will suggest that Shepard head up to the Presidium to speak with the Council (the dialogue will differ depending on whether the character was imported from Mass Effect or not, and, if it was imported, whether or not the Council was saved). After that Shepard can either ask Bailey more questions or leave.

Note: This is an optional mission because you don't have to talk to Bailey at first. You get full access to the Citadel and are able to talk to the Council even if you don't talk to him.

Note: If the character was imported from Mass Effect and the Council was saved with Anderson or Udina as Councilor, you can go directly to the Council first and have Shepard's Spectre status reinstated. If the Council was killed, then the only way Shepard's status is reinstated is if Anderson is on the Council. When Shepard speaks with Bailey post-reinstatement, there will be a different set of initial dialog between Shepard and Bailey.

Mission Summary Edit

Captain Bailey has cleared up some bureaucratic issues and is available to provide information as necessary.

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