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Chora's Den is a gentlemen's club on the Citadel, located in the lower section of the Wards near the Markets. Its layout consists of a circular central bar, with booths placed along the perimeter of the room. It also contains a storage area and small warehouse in the back, along with a manager's office in the very rear.

The club usually has many patrons, and lively music. The highlight of the club is the asari dancers, who offer private shows—Commander Shepard has the opportunity to watch a show in an empty seat. Compared to Flux, Chora's Den is described as "livelier but deadlier".

When Shepard arrives on the Citadel, Chora's Den is owned by a local crime lord named Fist.

When then-Lieutenant Anderson was depressed after finding out his divorce had been finalised, he went to the Den to take the edge off the gloom. A volus bartender, Maawda, offered him an asari drink called elasa along with some words of comfort. Having a meeting with the human ambassador scheduled for the following morning, however, Anderson's stay was brief. Upon leaving the bar, he became certain he was being insulted by a pair of turian customers who had been glaring at him, though despite the temptation decided against starting a fight, and simply left.

In 2183, Shepard came to Chora's Den looking for Harkin, a disgraced C-Sec officer who could hopefully help the commander find Garrus. When the squad returned later, looking to get some answers from Fist, the club had been shut down and was full of Fist's thugs who opened fire on them. With Fist out of the picture, Chora's Den was soon back in business.

As proved by Jenna, the Den remains a good place to keep an ear to the ground, as the clientele are rarely strictly legit. One exception is the retired turian general, Septimus, an honourable man who goes to Chora's Den trying to forget about Sha'ira.

After the Battle of the Citadel, Chora's Den never reopened for business. By 2185 it is replaced by the Dark Star Lounge in the Zakera Ward.


  • Chora's Den used to be called the Archos before Fist took over; this can be overheard from a conversation that takes place between two NPCs in the Presidium. (Note that Chora's and Archos are anagrams.) Given that the Den had its name roughly twenty years ago when then-Lieutenant Anderson went there, either Fist has been the owner for quite some time or this is a small error.

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