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Charge Edit

Alters the biotic's mass, launching the user at an opponent. Restores some shield strength at the charge's end. Charge detonates combo primes on targets.

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Charge Charge the enemy Damage: 250

Force: 500

Recharge Time [s]: 8

Shields Restored: 50%

2 Recharge Speed Increases the recharge speed +35% Recharge speed
3 Damage & Force Increases the damage and force +20% Damage

+25% Force

4 Damage & Force Increases the damage and force +30% Damage

+30% Force

4 Radius Damages enemies within a radius at the end point of the charge Radius (m): 3.5
5 Weapons & Melee Improves weapon and melee damage for 3 sec after charging +15% Gun Damage

+30% Melee

5 Power Synergy Enhances all powers for 5 sec after charging +25% Power Dmg

+25% Power Force

6 Bastion Fully restores shields and reduces incoming damage for 5 sec DR: 75

+50% Shields Restored

+35% Damage

6 Shock Trooper Greatly increases the recharge speed +75% Recharge speed

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