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System View
Stellar Mass 0.3 Sol Masses
Stellar Class M
Luminosity N/A
Planets 2
Moons 0
Asteroid Belts 0
Asteroids 0
Objects 0

Location: Milky Way / Hawking Eta / Chandrasekhar

Chandrasekhar is a small system with two planets.

Chandrasekhar is a gateway system and likely named after Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, a renowned astrophysicist and Nobel laureate known for his theoretical work on black holes, notably establishing the eponymous Chandrasekhar limit for white dwarfs.

Fuel depotEdit

Main article: Fuel depot

Mass relayEdit

Main article: Mass relay

Hebat Edit

Hebat is the second planet orbiting the star Chandrasekhar.

Main article: Hebat

Teshub Edit

Teshub is the first planet orbiting the star Chandrasekhar.

Main article: Teshub

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