Challyrions are quadrupedal creatures encountered by the Andromeda Initiative. They possess a natural ability to actively camouflage. It possesses yellowish scales, spikes on its back, a short snout, clawed feet and a forked tail. Unlike Wraiths, which are genetically mutated from their species by the kett, they have no armor. Scanning one for the first time yields 50Rd icon heleus orange.

Tactics Edit

The Challyrion has both a ranged spit attack, similar to a shemrys, and a melee attack using its clawed front feet. The creature can be found on Eos, Havarl, and Voeld. The Challyrion has a habit of giving itself away before de-cloaking; as a result, it confronts its opponents by charging from behind when the prey least expected it. When taken down, Challyrions will sometimes drop scale fibers to collect.

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