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Disambiguous This article is about the Cerberus unit in Mass Effect. For the similar unit in Mass Effect 3, see Nemesis.
Cerberus Sniper
Cerberus Sniper
ME-Enemy Container-HME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-SME-Enemy Container-S
Race Human
Type Organic
Armament Sniper Rifles
Abilities Assassination Assassination
ShieldBoost  Shield Boost
Health Moderate
Shields Low
Locations Binthu, Nepheron
Cerberus Snipers are individuals who are employed by Cerberus to defend installations and research facilities.

Cerberus Snipers are employed to defend key installations on Binthu and Nepheron that are conducting research on various organisms like Rachni Workers, Rachni Soldiers, and Thorian Creepers. Snipers are employed to defend the exterior and interior of the installations.

Tactics Edit

Snipers are armed with a sniper rifle and will prefer to keep their distance from their enemies. They do use the Assassination ability often to take down their enemies, but since there is a red sighting laser, that makes it easy to dodge. Snipers will always keep their distance and usually require biotic or tech attacks to get them out.

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