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Cerberus Daily News delivers daily news about the Mass Effect universe via the Cerberus Network. In-universe, these news reports take place in 2186 CE.

The following is an archive of Cerberus Daily News reports from February of 2012. This archive is preceded by Cerberus Daily News - March 2011 and followed by Cerberus Daily News - March 2012.

These reports are also available from the Alliance News Network.

February 2012 - Week FourEdit

02/21/2012 - Delayed Collider Now Online

“Susskind Supercollider experiments on Calabi-Yau manifolds; results "promising," say physicists.”

02/22/2012 - New Year's Eve Ball Found

“Stolen New Year's Eve ball found intact on Citadel. Note from thief Quarn: "C-Sec needs funds. You can get anything onto this station."”

02/24/2012 - Citadel Ship Shot Down Over Garvug

“Official ship for Citadel Committee on Paleotechnology shot down over Garvug. Data files on Prothean inventions could be in criminal hands.”

February 2012 - Week Five Edit

02/27/2012 - Contact Lost With Batarian Homeworld

Khar'Shan communication gone dark. Batarian economy cut off from colonies. Hegemony: "Comm buoy disruption due to solar output."”

  • Other stories in Catastrophic Comm Buoy Failure (First - 02/27/2012 - Next - 02/29/2012)

02/29/2012 - Khar'shan Comm Buoy Outage Continues

“Buoys at batarian homeworld still down. Governor of Camala colony: "We know the Alliance has stealth vessels. This is obviously an attack."”

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