Careena is an asari concierge on Illium. She is the first person who greets Commander Shepard's team upon their arrival on the planet. She will answer questions about Nos Astra, trading, and Liara T'Soni.

Careena arrives with a guard detail of security mechs. Shepard can choose to comment on the heavy security, at which Careena courteously replies that the proximity of the Terminus Systems warrants extra caution. She answers general questions about Nos Astra, trading and places of entertainment at Shepard's request. She warns Shepard not to sign anything during their visit as the contract term regulations are more relaxed on Illium than on other planets.

When she mentions the indentured servitude system on Illium, Shepard may express their disgust at an asari world allowing slavery. Careena justifies this saying that servitude is completely voluntary and the terms of the contract are agreed upon before the contract is signed. Careena also provides information on Liara T'Soni, mentioning her reputation as an information broker. If Shepard asks her about people connected to their mission, Careena directs the Commander to Liara.

Careena will remain available for interaction on any subsequent visit to Illium.

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