The Cardinal is the Prefect in charge of Kett Command on Voeld.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

She is first seen in Kett Command giving a "fortunate welcome" to the angara who have been "chosen to be exalted". Following the diversion that Ryder's angaran allies trigger, she is quickly questioned by the Archon if the Moshae is ready for transport. She replies that she is being prepared for final exaltation, the process of genetically transforming angara into kett soldiers.

By the time Moshae Sjefa is about to be exalted, Ryder and company successfully breach the chamber they're in, prompting the Cardinal to escort the Moshae to a hangar bay. The Pathfinder's team persistently pursues her there, where she challenges them into a fight, all the while frantically shouting to her subordinates to defend the Moshae.

After the Cardinal is bested, she pleads mercy to the Pathfinder, begging to have the base (or temple as she calls it) to be spared, in return the Cardinal will have all captured angara to be released. Jaal Ama Darav votes on keeping the base so that the Resistance can rescue the captives, while Moshae Sjefa declares that the base must be blown to smithereens. Whichever the Pathfinder chooses, the Cardinal will attempt to walk away from the scene. A button prompt will allow Ryder to murder her, otherwise Ryder simply warns her to leave before he/she changes mind.

Fight Strategy Edit

Firstly, players must be cautioned that the Cardinal is able to execute an instant-kill attack by trapping them inside a stasis field. Of course, this will only happen as long as the Cardinal's barrier is active and the players stand too close to her.

The Cardinal is able to continuously summon minions during the fight. If possible, use light weapons to deal with the minions and keep the strong/heavy weapons to damage her when her barrier is down.

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