Calantha Blake is a human colonist at Zhu's Hope, on Feros.

Commander Shepard finds Calantha in the freighter's medical room, apparently in severe pain and being tended to by her husband, Hollis Blake. Though the squad can tell she is suffering, there is no obvious cause for her discomfort. Calantha is quick to claim she is fine, and it is only a lingering pain from the last attack: "I just need to try and think clearly." She is in fact suffering from the Thorian spores, which are beginning to exert control over her by causing immense pain if she tries to tell Shepard what is really happening at Zhu's Hope.

She joins the other colonists in attacking Shepard and the squad when they return from the ExoGeni Corporation headquarters. Like all the other infected colonists, she can be killed or saved.

Trivia Edit

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