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ME3 cat6 sniper
CAT6 Sniper
ME3 Enemy-SH
Faction CAT6
Type Organic
Armament M-29 Incisor
Abilities ME3 Tactical Cloak Tactical Cloak
Assassination Assassination
Class Power ME2 Icon Smoke Grenade
Health Moderate
Shields Moderate
Locations Citadel

The CAT6 Sniper (also known as the Merc Sniper) is a CAT6 unit encountered in Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC.

Capabilities Edit


CAT6 Snipers are armed with M-29 Incisor sniper rifles with added laser sights.


CAT6 Snipers have a moderate amount of health and possess a layer of shields, which will regenerate over time. They will often take cover during combat, coming out only to take a shot. They can utilize Tactical Cloak and smoke grenades in order to conceal their movement or to escape should Shepard close the distance. Like other Mass effect 3 enemies, they can be staggered by powers or gunfire if unshielded, and take 40% additional damage from headshots.

Tactics Edit

  • CAT6 snipers use Incisors that fire in three-round bursts, capable of downing players by passing through both health and shield gates.
  • Like Nemeses, CAT6 Snipers possess no close-range weapons or abilities and will flee if approached.
  • CAT6 Snipers possess Tactical Cloak, allowing them to move undetected into an offensive position or to escape from Shepard.
  • CAT6 Snipers can throw smoke grenades, though they prefer to use them for misdirection or to facilitate quick escapes, rather than to obscure the locations of allies like Cerberus Centurions.
  • If the CAT6 Sniper has locked on to you, going into cover or performing a combat roll allows you to evade the shot.
  • Because the CAT6 Sniper's attack pattern is so similar to a Nemesis, deal with them the same way as with Cerberus Nemesis such as:
    • using the time-gap between lock-on and fire to squeeze a shot at one, throwing off their aim;
    • using sniper rifle fitted with penetration mod to hit one through the cover;
    • using charged Venom shotgun rounds to hit one behind cover;
    • using Disruptor Ammo to overload their shields.

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