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  • Dragonlord247

    I've seen people say he is boring and not interesting. (I don't, he is actually my 3rd favorite character. Tali being my 1st favorite and Legion being my 2nd favorite)

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  • Kiljaedenas

    With the correct selection of skills, weapons and mods, the Infiltrator not only becomes the most lethal sniper in the game but possibly the most lethal class in general, based mainly on how quickly they can make groups of things they don't like become dead and simultaneously rarely receive damage. The Soldier can be focused to be a decent sniper, it's just that the Infiltrator will be a lot better at it, and every other class and build have key aspects on how they fight that a sniping Infiltrator can surpass.

    • In mid to long range weapon combat without sniper rifles, other classes with other weapons need to fire multiple shots into any target, even weak ones, in order to kill them. At these ranges they often can't get the critical headshots…
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  • Pinkachu
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  • L4dyj4zz

    Greetings to all of you. I had no idea as to where I could post such a topic/discussion, and so I found this blog. I'm hoping that I can post it here, if not, just remove this post please. I am in need of your help. I am currently doing my Master's in Comparative Literature and I have a course called "Ecocriticism, Ecology and Environmental Humanities". Hence, in this course, I need to discuss the ecological issues in any piece of work, such as novels/movies/series and even videogames! (cool huh?). Since I LOVE the ME universe, I thought that I could tackle the topic through one of my favorite games. Hence, I am asking you, do you remember of any major ecological issues (I'm thinking about Quarians, for instance. I will definitely use th…

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  • Temporaryeditor76

    Admin rights

    December 30, 2015 by Temporaryeditor76

    I want admin rights. Temporaryeditor76 (talk) 12:08, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Wardie1993

    Apparently I let the queen go in my imported save game, but I actually killed her on Noveria, why's this happening?

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  • Patstriker25

    Greetings everyone first i would like say this, i am very interested in Mass Effect Universe. One thing i would like to see is new species, new challenges, and new planets to explore as well as new sectors to explore. I dare say that whatever this new game is gonna be like, i think it will certainly be interesting.

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  • Xaero Dumort

    With the official announcement of Mass Effect Andromeda it is time to start coming back into the community. Because really, is it ever too early to start the hype train?

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  • Garhdo

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    June 15, 2015 by Garhdo

    We have a title and a cinematic trailer.


    Looks like the rumours were accurate.

    Edit: a screencap from the trailer appears to show a human female and krogan companion [2]

    edit: little late on this one due to travelling to work, but a blog with details from Bioware [3]

    Edit: Some screenshots from the trailer and concept art - most has been seen previously but we have confirmation now its for ME:A [4]

    Edit: Looks like we will have to wait until towards the end of the year for further details. [5]

    EDIT: I should point out that this is a leaked image, and not direct from Bioware, but based on how accurate the previous reddit leak appears to have been I am linking it here as a matter of interest. If accurate it tells us how Andromeda and the ARKCON…

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  • TheUnknown285

    E3 2015 runs from June 15 to June 18. Rather than recreating the list of exhibitors and games, which is subject to change due to surprise announcements, I direct your attention to the list posted on Wikipedia. So what games are you hoping to see? What piques your interest? What are your reactions to the announcements and trailers?

    Of the games currently listed, I'm most interested in

    • Halo 5,
    • Fallout 4 (haven't played this series before but want to)
    • Star Wars Battlefront (same thing, plus I'm a Star Wars fan)
    • Gears of War
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    • Assassins Creed Syndicate
    • Mad Max

    Also hoping to hear about:

    • Mass Effect 4 (not announced to be there but rumored, was not announced last year but appeared)
    • The Bioware IP (ditto)
    • Dishonored 2 (supposedly …
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  • Nord Ronnoc

    The mod adds in ten of the powers that appeared in Multiplayer to the single player mode ala bonus powers that Shepard can get after getting the Normandy when you start a new game or during an old save. Unlike most other mods, it doesn't the require ME3 Explorer, the multiplayer DLCs, nor the ME3 Console. All you need to to is to drag the files "DLC_CON_BPPack1" and/or "DLC_CON_BPPack2" folders into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC). But it does require the WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch, which you can get it here. You can get the mod here.

    The powers are listed as follows:

    Bonus Power Pack 1:

    • Arc Grenade
    • Ballistic Blades
    • Biotic Sphere
    • Smash
    • Submission Net

    Bonus Power Pack 2:

    • Annihilation Field
    • Tactical Scan
    • Multi-Frag Grenade
    • Bio…
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  • Jackalex13

    Transfer saves

    May 3, 2015 by Jackalex13

    OK so, whether it belongs to the forums or not, I have no clue. Anyways, this is a question I want to ask. Is it POSSIBLE to transfer my Xbox 360 saves to the PC? Ever since I got all 3 games on PC, I don't have all the DLC and because the DLC play such a crucial role in the game, I want to make sure my Mass Effect is played in the best possible experience but thing get all the DLC, I have to go to Bioware, find the dlc's, buy them and latrer download them which I personally find annoying. Now I played all 3 games on the Xbox first and I got basically got all the DLC's.

    Back to the question, is it actually possible to transfer my Xbox saves onto the PC?

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  • Baylen117

    so you ant to know my favorite mass effect character, do you?

    so here you go, that's just about it. (i'm new here)

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  • Nord Ronnoc

    Please stay on topic. Be courteous and excellent to each other. Don't discriminate based on sexuality, gender and identity, race, religion, political affiliation, etc., and make things safe for work. A little bit of profanity is fine, but don't be excessive about it.

    Also, while this shared many similarities to Dragon Age: Inquisition and the leak that came back in 2012, do take this with a grain of salt. Any details in this leak may have been changed between then and now or later.

    Sometimes I take surveys online for a little extra money.

    One day last month I got one with this:

    The Next Mass Effect Context:

    The next Mass Effect game takes place in the Helius Cluster (a cluster of 100s of solar systems in the Andromeda Galaxy), far removed by time…

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  • ThisIsZerge

    Bioware employees have been teasing quite a bit on their Twitter accounts recently, and here's something that I found rather interesting Ken Thain (cinematic director) at Bioware shared.

    Maybe they're working on a trailer? Or possibly cutscenes? There's no way to tell but I hope we'll see something interesting about Mass Effect Next on E3 this year.

    Link to the twitter post:

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  • ThisIsZerge

    I'm sure there's quite a bit of people that do wonder what's currently known about the next Mass Effect game. I'm here to sum up all the news and rumors that's been floating around the web the past 2-3 months about the next Mass Effect game.

    The first thing that’s known about the next game is that the support for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is being dropped, as a way to benefit the actual gameplay of the next Mass Effect game. Also, it was stated that Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be a template for the next Mass Effect game either. All of this was stated on the internet community Neogaf by the Bioware executive Aaryn Flynn.

    Mass Effect: Next will also future a improved combat system, which kind of have been revealed by Bioware themselves o…

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  • CynicalEarth

    Yes, yes, I know, hear me out.

    The so-called "Indoctrination Theory" holds in theory that Harbinger intruded Shepard's conscious mind via a seemingly advanced and overly elaborate indoctrination phase. Meaning; while our protagonist lied down in dust and rubble and blood, events occurring post "harbinger shot", as we will refer to for the sake of this blog, only exist in Cmmdr. Sheepherder's head, with Mr. Harper symbolizing Harby's Control and David Anderson representing Sheppy's subconscious fortitude (i.e. Destroy).

    Now, taking all this in mind, where everything following the sudden white fade-in screen including Marauder Shields is Harbinger indoctrinating Shepard, we could very well conclude that Hammer Team failed to reach the beacon, and Ad…

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  • Stezza au

    Hi! So I downloaded some DLC last month for mass effect 3 on PS3. It never showed up so I figured I downloaded it too late into the game. Now I'm playing it again and I've just completeled the Geth Dreadnought mission and I still haven't received any messages. I've downloaded and installed them 3 times now, but when I head into the Downloaded Content menu there is nothing listed there. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?? Thanks!

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  • WilliamsonKnox

    Hello there!

    I've only recently played through the Mass Effect trilogy, though I was just as captivated by its depth and drama as many longtime fans of the series. I eagerly, though somewhat tentatively, await the next installment. I've heard from various sources that they plan to take the next part of the series in a whole new direction and with new staff leading the way, all of which cause me concern owing to the parallels they draw with some of our generation's most disappointing continuations of long-lauded artistic works.

    I know not whether my trepidation is justified (I would be most grateful for enlightenment in that regard from a more knowledgeable member of the mass effect community), it simply seems as though mass effect was anothe…

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  • -Sophia

    For those who haven't seen it, animator Jonathan Cooper posted this today on Twitter:

    "Ten years ago this month, my very first anim test for Mass Effect. Yup, Commander Shepard was originally a woman:"

    (He clarifies in the comments that Shepard was always planned to be both male and female.)

    I thought it was a nice bit of ME history that people here might enjoy.

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  • Masseffect7

    According to reports, Shadow Realms has been delayed from a 2015 release to a 2017 release. I would say this is good for Mass Effect fans because 2015 will be able to be much more focused on promoting Mass Effect rather than on Shadow Realms. Some reports said that the game was completely cancelled, however it seem that the game is being rebooted instead to possibly include a full campaign mode rather than being multiplayer only. This will also most likely make this game new gen console and PC exclusive. I doubt this will have any effect on the Mass Effect release date, but as I stated earlier, I would guess that this will mean that more time will be spent promoting the game as BioWare will not have anything else coming out besides Dragon …

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  • Observer Supreme

    Possible teaser soon

    December 18, 2014 by Observer Supreme

    Not to get anyone's hopes up, but I was on Google looking for MEN updates, and I think I found something about the developers working around the clock to release a teaser or something before the holidays. Here's the link. [1] Anyone is welcome to share information here as long as it's relevant and appropriate.

    Alright, haven't found a teaser, but I did find a piece of information that discussed the Mako and gave a suspected launch year of October 2016.

    Found more pieces of information discussing voice actors for the protagonist and antagonist and a possible teaser or so at this year's E3 in Los Angeles June 16-18 which is two weeks away.

    It's predicted to be released by the end of March 2016 now. [2]

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  • Masseffect7

    Dragon Age: Inquisition

    November 18, 2014 by Masseffect7

    Hey everyone, not sure how many of you are DA fans. I know I'm not, but I was hoping someone on here would be and would let us know what the game is like. I would guess that BioWare will pull from it heavily as far as mechanics and physics go and this game's quality could foreshadow what we will be getting with the next Mass Effect. While I can read other reviews of the game, I would like to get the perspective on this game from someone who is a Mass Effect fan and a Dragon Age fan. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Crimson head 98

    "Many decisions await in life, none of them are easy"

    Welcome to my blog about the mass effect 3 ending. Enjoy!

    The mass effect 3 ending was very controversial and has become one of the most talked about endings in gaming history. People have their subjective opinions on the ending of mass effect 3. I agree with the fact that the first time you witness these endings you probably be angry but Personally I don't think the endings are bad at all. Wasn't the game built on difficult decisions? This ending was coming people. The more you see the endings the more your decisions make sense. So here is what i think of the endings below.

    The destroy ending is a good choice even though its renegade for some odd reason. The benefits to this ending are c…

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  • Nord Ronnoc

    Hey, everyone. It has been a while since I talked about my fic series, Mass Foundations. So here we go.

    Things have been really slow lately, since I haven't update my stories in a while. I have juggled some ideas. Unfortunately, I can't share them yet because...

    I'm rewriting the first story, Redemption in the Stars. It's a WIP, but I'll show you the intro and the other chapters so far. I'll edit this blog post as I go along.

    Also, I have the character sheets for the Courier and Eric Grimes, the protagonists of Redemption in the Stars and A New Day respectively.

    If you want to leave ideas, suggestions, etc., leave a comment here.

    Please stay on topic. Be courteous and excellent to each other. Don't discriminate based on sexuality, gender, race, etc, …

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  • Nord Ronnoc

    Sorry it was late, I considered doing it back on November 7th, when the first game was released back in 2007. Anyway, since then, we know more information about the next Mass Effect game, including:

    Aaryn Flynn expressed interest in making a current-gen version of the trilogy for the Xbox One and the PS4. He conducted a poll on NeoGAF to find ideas such as

    • 1080p 60fps support, high-res textures - especially on Mass Effect 1
    • Inclusion of all DLC (One user suggested the DLCs should be implemented organically, so it can be available at appropriate points in each story)
    • A 'seamless experience' so each game flows into one another without needing to import saves

    One of the users on NeoGAF suggested an overhaul on ME1's combat mechanics to make it mor…

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  • Adien Shepard She Is Ten Feet Tall

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  • Alientraveller

    Hi everyone, since we don't have a Mass Effect 4 article yet, I thought I'd blog here about the announcements made by Bioware this N7 Day.

    • Introducing Some Dev Team Leads for the Next Mass Effect

    So the lead writer on the next game is Halo 4's Chris Schlerf, who's been on board since last year: Mac Walters now has the position of creative director. Mike Gamble's back as producer, no surprise there.

    IGN also posted concept art. They look really gorgeous and evocative, and the Omni-tool seems to have gotten a flashy upgrade.

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  • DeadpoolN7

    Destiny like Mass Effect?

    September 30, 2014 by DeadpoolN7

    Hey guys. Well…I've still been trying to fill the void in my heart since late 2013 when I pretty much exhausted every possible playable option for the mass effect games. I was wondering if any of you all have played destiny and if it resembles Mass Effect in any way. From the Commercials it seems similar but I wanted to see if any of you had played it and if you think it is a worthwhile and engrossing rpg shooter. Thanks guys!

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  • Temporaryeditor78

    well, it's probably fair game to critique all ME comics released so far based on their visual merit. everything's been said and whined about the stories, Mass Effect: Foundation is complete, and as of this writing only the omnibus collection is on scheduled release.

    been planning for a long time to make this, but more important things just kept getting in the way. the day i release this is the day i finally felt like, "fuck it. artists: the good, the bad, the ugly - now or never." i'm not counting interactives like genesis and genesis 2.

    • colorist: everything

    first off, let's begin with the dark horse guy who got coloring credit for all comics to date (incidentally, also because he's first in an alpha order list).

    for the most part, he knows ho…

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  • ShagaR
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  • RonStuart

    me3 cheats

    September 3, 2014 by RonStuart

    Bunch of Commands:

    Exit     - Exits the game

    at entrymenu   - loads Main Menu ("press any key to continue" screen)

    restartlevel   - restarts mission

    SaveGame DEBUGNAME  - makes new save (in current career) with your description(DEBUGNAME) (CASE SENSITIVE!).

    LoadGame DebugName  - loads saves which was made by console command in current carrier.

    QuickSave   - Make quicksave

    QuickLoad   - Do quickload

    God    - Toggle on/Off god mode

    ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0  - Instant cooldown for all powers

    ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 1  - Cancels intant cooldown

    ENABLEDAMAGE 0   - Disables AI and player damage

    ENABLEDAMAGE 1   - Enables AI and player damage

    Damage TargetName xxx  - deals xxx amount of standart damage to target

    damage self 100   - damages…

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  • Masseffect7

    Well, Gamespot posted this video about the Mass Effect multiplayer a few hours ago. While I agree with some of its points, I really disagree with two of them. The first is that Mass Effect should have more playable protagonists in the single player mode. This would be a huge mistake. Mass Effect is the only RPG where the playable character is the favorite character for the majority of the players. I think allowing you to play as a bunch of different characters in the game would be a bad idea because the connection formed with the playable character wouldn't be as strong and the story would suffer because of it. Too many people fall into the idea that the more characters you have, the better the story is. Personally, I think that is false. …

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  • Mike Gilbert

    I'm not dismissing the thought that it was good, I'm just disappointed that it has no real effect on ME3 other than War Assets. Does anyone think that it was important?

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  • FirstDrellSpectre

    2 official names of squadmates in Mass Effect: Andromeda are already revelated but I have an imagination and I like using it, but I admit I needed inspirations to make some of squadmates I'd like to have in the upcomming game. I have no ideas for names, so I'll use nicknames.

    • Jackal - tech and combat powers user- A vorcha hunter with sleeveless jacket full of old knives and poison darts. He's a notorius hunter, not bounty or head hunter, he hunts wild beasts. He eats meat of his prey and sells their bones as trophies, but the most unique ones he keeps for himself. To hunt them he develops various traps and that's his favorite method of hunting. He joins the Pathfinder to hunt new beasts.
    • Bomber - offensive engineer - An alliance male Enginee…
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  • Masseffect7

    New BioWare Game

    August 13, 2014 by Masseffect7

    So, I've been seeing stuff about this new BioWare IP called Shadow Realms. Does anyone know much about it? From what I've seen it doesn't look like my kind of game, but I'll withhold judgment until I know more.

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  • OmGwTfBbQ14


    August 10, 2014 by OmGwTfBbQ14

    Hi all, and welcome to the first (and possibly only) blog of me, the writer, of this blog. As I was casually browsing the internet looking for suitable mods for Star Wars: Battlefront II, I discovered a wonderous and quite frankly exciting mod by the name of Mass Effect: Unification. I haven't seen many of you mention it, being ME-related and whatnot, but sweet bejeebus does it look rather amazeballs. And before I go any further, NO I am not the mod-maker in disguise shamelessly plugging his creation on an unrelated wiki (actually, now that I mention that, I've questioned whether there is any point in me writin- yes there is) and NO I am not affiliated with him/her or any team members of the mod. I just thought it deserved the attention of…

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  • Nord Ronnoc

    Rules from my last blog post apply here since this about the news: be civil and excellent to each other. No name-calling, complaining, insults, flaming, resorting to racist/sexist/-ist slurs, etc. And that includes speculation. If you don't want to follow these rules, look somewhere else.

    Quoted from Polygon:

    BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson has left the company after 16 years, according to a post on the BioWare blog, to move on to "a new stage" of his career.

    Hudson was the executive producer of the Mass Effect series at BioWare. He started his career at BioWare as a technical artist on Neverwinter Nights and MDK2, and served as project director on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

    "After what already feels like a lifetime of ext…

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  • Supergodzilla118

    Its been bugging me for years and I really have no one to talk to about this. I want to talk about one of the more, controversial topics of Mass Effect: The Justification of the Genophage.

    On forums, the wiki and even in fanfictions, I hear a lot about how the Genophage was wrong and that the Citadel Council should have never used it in the first place. Let's flashback several hundred years in the past to a certain event called the Rachni Wars. Near the end of the Rachni Wars, the Salarians uplifted the Krogan, a violent species that turned their own homeworld to a desolate wasteland, in order to fight the Rachni. Soon after that, the Salarians let the Krogan loose in the galaxy unchecked. Not long after, the Krogan started overpopulati…

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  • Masseffect7

    Well, in case you missed it, Casey Hudson left BioWare today. I doubt that this really affects the next game at all, especially since it seems that they are taking the series in a different direction and really have little need for advice from the "old guard". I do think this change does open the door for something that would be great for a potential rerelease of the ME trilogy on the new consoles. Everyone knows that Casey Hudson was one of the masterminds of the ending of ME3. Now that he is gone, it is possible for a rerelease of the game to have a new, more satisfying ending. This would be the ultimate slap in the face to him and it couldn't have been done if he was still with the company. I know that a new ending would be incredibly u…

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  • Asnow89
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  • TheBlueRogue

    Bioware hosted an exciting Mass Effect 4 panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The company unveiled new concept art, video, and details.

    You can view the full panel below. Also be sure to check out Nord Ronnoc's awesome "What We Know So Far" Blog!

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  • Mike Gilbert

    Decided to make this after Nord's insults to my maturity.

    I know it's been a year since the last DLC came and that it's a big "if" over whether they can make rereleases in a few years, but I've been thinking if they had taken into account every possibility over the whole series. Take Virmire for example. I know they wanted to make a serious scenario, but I mostly prefer having a balanced squad throughout the series. Seven in ME1, thirteen in 2, and nine to eleven in 3. My idea is that at the same time Ash and Kaidan were in trouble, Saren's central command at his base was discovered and Shepard had an opportunity to ignore to save one their friends or divide their squad in three if Wrex was kept alive. While the aliens go in pairs to rescue…

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  • Mike Gilbert

    After some thinking, I decided to share what has been on my mind lately. I know it's very speculative to the point of being nearly wild, but I've seen and heard of a lot of Science fiction stuff doing crazy stuff before.

    The game starts concurrently with the first attack on Eden Prime. While the Normandy heads to fight the geth, an Alliance dreadnought carrying a lot of Alliance Marines, captured criminals of diverse races, like a krogan (from the commentary), and at least one former Alliance Marine turned aligned mercenary (the playable character) to either the Citadel or Arcturus Station for a trial when some unexpected wormhole appears sucking their ship in.

    Emerging from the other side, the dreadnought and it's passengers find themselves…

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  • Nord Ronnoc

    Ever since the panel at San Diego Comic Con has started, we haven't gotten much information lately. However, sites like Reddit and Twitter have been leaking out information. Slowly but surely. Here's what I found so far. I'll add more in time, so keep an eye out for any information.

    - @masseffect #SDCC - Bioware Edmonton and BioWare Montreal are both committed to making a great game -MG

    - @masseffect #SDCC - There have always been challenges (going game to game) - (attempting to make) a spiritual successor -MG

    - @masseffect #SDCC - Frostbite engine has allowed the team to do a lot more than ever before.

    - @masseffect #SDCC - on multiplayer - It was born out of the idea of playing as various races in the ME universe.

    - @masseffect #SDCC - gender…

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  • SmellyMcSmelly

    Mass effect 3

    July 25, 2014 by SmellyMcSmelly

    Can someone some up mass effect 3 for me and what happened to everyone I played 1 and 2 but never got 3

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  • Rennoc717

    Ok now here's question that I've been wondering ever since I learned that you can bypass wrex when he finds out you sabotaged the genophage cure using Mass effect leviathan terminals. The question is if you successfully bypass Wrex as outlined on the quest page for Priority Citadel III, do you still keep the krogan war assets you would normally lose by sabotaging the cure with Wrex as leader?

    Without actually testing it myself it would seem plausible since he still appears before you on Earth and since Wrex isn't dead, it would seem like krogan forces don't fragment and weaken your total war assets.

    the second question is if you bypass wrex using this method and he appears before you on earth as if the genophage was actually cured does it af…

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  • FirstDrellSpectre

    Mass Effect: Andromeda is comming and I wish there were some improvements.

    • I want to feel the game is more an RPG than shooter. I felt each new game is more a shooter and less an rpg.
    • If the protagonist has to be N7, then may each class has various power sets and proper armors like N7 characters in ME3 Earth DLC.
    • Volus companion or drell companion or batarian companion, but I still like quarians.
    • Interrupts present in ME2 and ME3 replaced by dialogue wheel with time limit, so I could know what am I going to do. When I used paragon interrupt in Zaeed's mission I expected just to scold him, not to hit him.
    • Negotiations as proper choice of words not just charisma vel reputation. It would make conversations more realistic and seeking middle ground …
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  • -Sophia

    Engineers don't usually get to spray the room with bullets a la Rambo, but they can win battles in their own sneaky way. This post is just a personal collection of my favourite Engineer moments, taken from ME, ME2 and ME3, on Insanity mode. Updates will be on-going.

    Tech powers didn't play as much of a part in my playing style in Mass Effect as they did in the later games. It was satisfying going through mostly with a pistol and (on later playthroughs) a sniper rifle, although Electronics and Damping certainly got used a lot in close quarters. In ME2 especially, however, I went through several missions without firing a single shot. Other missions, containing enemies that tried to flank me, required the occasional single headshot to fin…

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  • Bronzey

    Just thought I'd post this here, Mike Gamble and some other devs are doing a panel on the next Mass Effect game at SDCC in late July:

    Saturday, July 26 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

    Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect;&sidebar=yes&bg=no#

    Mass Effect developers from the Edmonton and Montreal studios discuss what it's like to expand on a well-established and beloved video game franchise. Panelists Carl Boulay (lead animator), Fabrice Condominas (producer), Mike Gamble(producer), Noel Lukasewich (senior artist), and Jessica Merizan (community manager), share their experiences in shaping the next Mass Effect game with new possibilities while staying true to t…

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