Upon their arrival, Sloane Kelly and the Outcasts pushed back the kett from Kadara Port, but there are rumors that a band of stragglers are still causing trouble in the badlands. Kaetus, Sloane's second, has asked you to investigate.

Acquisition Edit

Starts after speaking with Kaetus in Sloane's room.

Walkthrough Edit

Look For Signs Of Kett On Kadara Edit

Go to the navpoint in Sulfur Springs and there is a burning shuttle wreck and an injured survivor.

The shuttle wreck can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

Speak To The Survivor Edit

The survivor is a trader who says that they were taken by surprise. The kett headed up in the hills. Pathfinder Ryder contacts Kaetus, who says he'll take a shuttle and come there.

Scan For Kett Tracks Edit

Ryder can scan for the kett tracks and discover the tracks leading to a cave to the southwest in the Draullir region.

Track The Kett To Their Hideout Edit

At the entrance to the cave, Ryder sends the navpoint to Kaetus.

When entering the hideout, Sloane shows up together with Kaetus. Kaetus doesn't like that Sloane is there, because when she is not in Kadara Port, it's an opportunity for the Collective to take over.

Defeat The Kett Edit

After defeating the kett, the mission completes.

Speaking to Sloane reveals that she wants to cover the tracks so that officially there were not any kett after the initial push against them.

Rewards Edit