Upon their arrival, Sloane Kelly and the Outcasts pushed back the kett from Kadara Port, but there are rumors that a band of stragglers are still causing trouble in the Badlands. Kaetus, Sloane's second, has asked you to investigate.


Starts after speaking with Kaetus in Sloane's room.


Look for signs of kett on KadaraEdit

At the navpoint is a burnng shuttle wreck and an injured survivor.

Speak to the survivorEdit

They were taken by surprise. The kett headed up in the hills. Ryder contacts Kaetus, who says he'll take a shuttle and come there.

Scan for kett tracksEdit

They lead to a cave.

Track the kett to their hideoutEdit

At the entrance Ryder sends the navpoint to Kaetus.

When entering the hideout Sloane shows up together with Kaetus. He doesn't like that she is there, because when she is not in Kadara Port it's an opportunity for the Collective.

After defeating the kett, the mission completes.

Speaking to Sloane reveals that she wants to cover the tracks so that officially there have been any kett after the initial push against them.


530 xp, 73 AVP, +5% Kadara viability.

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