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The Batarian Sniper carries a sniper rifle into combat, providing ranged support for his comrades. He also boasts a modest sabotage power, as well as the assassination ability.

During the Bring Down the Sky mission to stop batarians from crashing an asteroid into the human colony of Terra Nova, batarian snipers are deployed within some of the compounds, as well as in Charn's platoon (if the Commander chooses to attack Charn).

Tactics Edit

Since this sniper does not usually begin with an elevated or covered position, he loses much of the advantage enjoyed by some other snipers. The batarian sniper makes up for this disadvantage, to some extent, with his sabotage and assassination abilities, which he is not afraid to use. Nevertheless, with quick action the player can disable or destroy him by means of those weapons or talents in which Shepard and squad are proficient.

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