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Batarian Shock Troopers are batarian troopers with Vanguard-like abilities. Shock Troopers are armed with pistols and shotguns and use biotic powers.

During the mission to stop batarians from crashing an asteroid into the human colony of Terra Nova, Batarian Shock Troopers are deployed at the various fusion-torch stations and at the main facility. These troopers are fewer in number than the rest of the troopers encountered on the asteroid.

Tactics Edit

Because Shock Troopers carry shotguns and have Vanguard-like abilities, they will want to get in close and use those shotguns. They will, however, be content to stay behind cover and use their biotic powers against their enemies. Usually after unleashing a biotic attack, they will move from cover to cover as they close in on their target. Shock Troopers are fond of using Throw and Warp abilities to first knock their enemies back, then weaken their defenses, and finally get up close and use their shotguns.

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