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Batarian Enforcer Soldier
Batarian MP
Class Soldier
Race Batarian
Rarity Rare
Availability Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack
Abilities Enforcement Gauntlets
Decreased Mobility

Little is known about the batarian homeworld of Khar'shan or its inhabitants. As a result, the race is judged by those whom the Hegemony allows to travel beyond its borders: organized crime enforcers, pirate boarding parties, slaver gangs, and gladiatorial combatants.

Batarians are large brawlers that use nets and spiked weapons to capture targets... or to bleed them dry on the battlefield. If an opponent gets too close, a batarian enforcer bludgeons them with spiked armor and enforcement gauntlets.

Powers Edit

Melee and movement Edit

Fist Melee
  • Regular Melee – Punch
    • Melee Sequence: The Batarian Enforcer Soldier executes a series of two one-handed and a final two-handed blow.
  • Heavy Melee (Enforcement Gauntlets) – The Batarian Enforcer Soldier winds up a powerful punch with an omni-tool gauntlet.
Dodge Arrow
  • Dodge – The Batarian Enforcer Soldier lacks a dodge maneuver.
  • The Batarian Enforcer Soldier can take cover, but cannot roll from cover to cover.

Player Notes Edit

General Notes Edit

  • With Ballistic Blades, Batarian Soldiers are lethal at close-quarters, capable of dealing with any enemy, but they are ineffective at range unless using appropriate weapons. Ballistic Blades can be thought of as a shotgun with a cooldown. A build utilizing Ballistic Blades as often as possible should aim for a low cooldown.
  • Builds utilizing only Blade Armor and Inferno Grenade have no need for low cooldown times unless the player is attempting to reactivate Blade Armor after deactivating it.
  • Batarians are unable to evade, making them more vulnerable to instant-kill moves.
  • Note also that while batarians are actually faster than regular humans, they are also less defensible than krogan. They are more vulnerable to staggering attacks like Geth Prime pulses and Geth Hunter shots as a result, but are still more reliable for delivery and drone escorting operations than drell or krogan, having more or less the movement speed of the former, and the similar durability of the latter.
  • When evolved for Radius, Inferno Grenades can have a massive area of effect. This can be used to quickly kill the weaker enemies in a group, and prime the tougher ones for a devastating Fire Explosion. However, the Batarian cannot detonate these combos by himself.

Cerberus Edit

  • A piercing or shredder mod is recommended to deal with Guardians. Ballistic Blades may substitute for a shotgun, allowing a greater diversity in weapon choice.
  • Phantoms are agile opponents. Attempting to simply melee them is not recommended due to the batarian's inability to roll.
  • However, using Ballistic Blades to stun the Phantom and then immediately following with a heavy melee makes fighting Phantoms quick and easy. Keeping Blade Armor active will ensure maximum melee damage and an effortless counter to the Phantom's sword attacks.

Collectors Edit

  • The Batarian Soldier's heavy melee attack destroys an enemy's head on a kill, making it a possible means of eliminating Possessed Abominations. However, its slow attack speed and lack of movement makes this a risky tactic.
  • As with Reaper forces, Collector forces have primarily health or armor for defense, making Inferno Grenade useful.
  • Ballistic Blades is very effective for simultaneously dealing with Collector Captains and any Seeker Swarms they spawn in a single shot.
  • The Collectors always strike and deal damage with their melee blades twice, but Blade Armor will cause the enemy to stagger back after dealing their first blow, thus preventing them from dealing the full damage of both strikes. This allows a batarian a good close quarters advantage against the Collectors over other races.

Geth Edit

  • Close-quarters engagements on geth are not recommended; they can flank players and stun them with melee attacks, opening them up to attacks from other geth units.
  • Batarians, like other races with restricted movement, are especially prone to being staggered by shots from Hunters and Primes.
  • Inferno Grenades are useful for revealing Geth Hunters, whose cloaks will be broken by the damage over time effect.

Reapers Edit

  • Many Reaper units are either armored or unprotected. Anti-armor weapons along with Ballistic Blades can quickly deal with them. Inferno Grenade is also useful here.

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