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ME3 Mastery

Batarian Enforcer is a class-specific passive power in Mass Effect 3 available to the batarian classes in the multiplayer mode.

The destruction of their home system has made the batarians even more ruthless in their struggle for survival. More power damage. More weapon damage. Greater thermal clip capacity. More strength.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Batarian Enforcer Edit

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 7.5%
  • Power Damage Bonus: 7.5%
  • Spare Ammo Bonus: 10%
  • Weight Capacity Bonus: 15

Rank 2: Power Damage Edit

Increase power damage bonus by 5%.

  • Power Damage Bonus: 12.5%

Rank 3: Weapon Damage Edit

Increase weapon damage bonus by 5%.

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 12.5%

Rank 4: Weapon Damage/Damage & Capacity Edit

Weapon Damage

Increase weapon damage bonus by 7.50%.
Increase spare ammunition by 5%.

  • Weapon Damage Bonus: 20%
  • Spare Ammo Bonus: 15%

Damage & Capacity

Increase power damage and force bonuses by 10%. Increase weight capacity bonus by 25 points.

  • Power Damage: 22.5%
  • Weight Capacity Bonus: 40

Rank 5: Power Damage/Headshots Edit

Power Damage

Increase power damage and force bonuses by 15%.

  • Power Damage Bonus: +15%


Increase headshot damage bonus by 20%.

Rank 6: Sniper & Shotguns/Damage & Ammo Edit

Sniper & Shotguns

Reduce the weight of sniper rifles and shotguns by 25%.

Damage & Ammo

Increase weapon damage by 10%.
Increase spare ammunition by 10%.

  • Weapon Damage: +10%
  • Spare Ammo: +10%

Availability Edit

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