An exile named Barrett harbors aspirations of turning Elaaden into something more than the lawless wasteland it is now. To do that he needs a hideout that is well-fortified, and has his sights set on a rival gang's outpost.

Acquisition Edit

Head northeast of The Paradise, to a building in the Sea of Ataraxia perched on the edge of huge sinkhole. As Pathfinder Ryder approaches, Ryder receives a comm that this is the refuge of Dirk Barrett and that the occupants are not hostile. This will trigger an exclamation mark flag on the map. Open the door to enter the building and talk to Barrett.

Walkthrough Edit

Barrett tells Ryder that he is the leader of a small group of refugees from Kadara who traveled to Elaaden in hopes of a fresh start. Tired of the endless violence on Elaaden, he wants Ryder's help to set up a defensible refuge for himself and his followers. A brutal gang of scavengers recently claimed a defensible base that would be ideal for the technicians and engineers in his group, but the scavengers are tearing the base apart because they lack the scientific knowledge necessary to operate it. Barrett wants Ryder's help to take it away from them. Ryder can accept or refuse. If Ryder refuses, Barrett stays here, and the mission can be accepted at a later time.

If Ryder chooses the "Talk" option, the mission will begin. The container behind Dirk can't be looted.

If Ryder choose the "Shoot Him" option, combat will begin. Squadmates will be unhappy with Ryder. The container can be looted in the building and the mission can't be started.

Head To The Outpost Edit

The navpoint is near the western rim of the huge sinkhole in the southwest of the map in the Paradise Sands region. The base is the largest in the area, set atop a small hill next to the sinkhole and defended with a large wall and fortifications. Note: There's an unrelated scavenger camp directly to the northeast.

When Ryder gets to the navpoint, hostiles will attack Ryder and the next objective starts.

Clear Out The Scavengers Edit

The defending force is fairly strong -- one Hydra, a Saboteur, a Pariah, an Anarchist, a couple of Sharpshooters, and some Raiders. Depending on playstyle, the player may want to stay outside and let the walls block the scavengers' sightlines.

Secure The Outpost For Barrett/Defeat The Reinforcements Edit

More scavengers will arrive by shuttle a few seconds after the player defeats the initial force. Several Sharpshooters, more Raiders, and a Pariah. By this point Ryder should be in the compound, with access to cover and ammo, so use the terrain against them.

Optional: Locate Armory Door Controls Edit

The player receives this objective by approaching the top room on the eastern building. It's locked, and Ryder wonders what the scavengers have secured within. A console on the lower floor in the western building opens the door. Inside there are lots of ammo crates, a container, and a shipping crate. Interacting with the shipping crate reveals that it's full of heavy weapons. This raises the question of whether Barrett's being honest about his motives, or if he just wanted the weapons for himself.

If Ryder doesn't trust Barrett, Ryder can seize the weapons for the Initiative before Barrett shows up. (29 AVP AVP icon, +2% Elaaden viability) If Ryder trusts Barrett or never finds the weapons, there's no further effect.

Contact Barrett Edit

Use the comm terminal in the upper level of the western building to talk to Barrett. He says he'll be ready for the move immediately, and to drop by his original camp when possible, since they may have some gear for Ryder. This ends the mission.

Barrett apparently never moves to the new base. He can be talked to at his original base. The conversation is slightly different depending on whether or not Ryder kept the weapons, but there don't seem to be any other consequences. Random scavenger sites will now sometimes have friendlies instead of hostiles. There's no further reward for Ryder, but there is a lootable container in the building.

Rewards Edit

+530 XP
+73 AVP AVP icon
+5% Elaaden viability.