The Ascendant is a kett unit type; exalted from a species originating outside the Heleus Cluster. They have a force field around them that can be disabled by shooting at Ascendant's orb floating around them. They are the highest caste of kett seen on the battlefield and are considered exceptionally dangerous. They have Element Zero cores throughout their armor which allow them to levitate off the ground.

Description Edit

Ascendants typically show up as a mini-boss at the end of a kett infiltration mission, either as a Priority Ops or optional mission. Some of the Ascendants encountered are named, such as the Cardinal and the Valiant.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

  • The Ascendant appear to have biological control over electromagnetic force and their cell samples show electrocyte-like formations. They likely use implants or other equipment to amplify and control this ability.
  • If provoked, they can unleash a ball-lightning-like attack which conducts electricity to nearby enemies. This attack ignores cover.
  • At close range, they will grab a target in a gravity-sphere, then collapse the sphere to crush the target. In multiplayer, characters killed in this manner can't be revived by a teammate or revive pack.

Defensive Edit

  • Ascendants are accompanied at all times by their Orb. This small device orbits them and projects an energy force field that protects them from all attacks. Ascendants may only be harmed once their orb is destroyed, but they will quickly generate a new orb after a few seconds.

Tactics Edit

  • As they have only a health bar with no shields or armor, Ascendants are vulnerable even to biotic powers like Pull, though the effect doesn't last as long as it does on weaker enemies.