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Asari Prisoner
Asari Prisoner
MEI Enemy-SH
Type Asari
Armament M-96 Mattock Auto
M-22 Eviscerator
Abilities None
Health Moderate
Shields Low
Locations X1 Wing, Incarceration
Asari Prisoners are members of the asari race who were kidnapped by Cerberus and subsequently used for experimentation. Randall Ezno encounters them on the Barn space station in Mass Effect: Infiltrator.

Tactics Edit

  • They possess a weak layer of shielding over their health, which will regenerate over time.
  • The prisoners equipped with M-22 Eviscerator shotguns are particularly dangerous at close range.
  • They will take cover during combat to protect themselves, though they tend to spend a lot of time there, allowing you to counter them. Using Pull will quickly flush them out.
  • Like with other humanoid enemies, their heads act as a weak spot, and shots landing there inflict bonus damage.

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