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The kett Archon appears to be a primary belligerent against the Pathfinder team. By way of introducing himself, he wants the Pathfinder team to either "surrender or burn."

Background Edit

In the Kett Empire, an archon is a leader of groups of kett assigned to specific locations within a galaxy, with the purpose of gathering new species viable for exaltation and sending related data back to their homeworld. The Archon seen in the game leads the Heleus Cluster contingent.

Mass Effect: AndromedaEdit

The Archon first appeared on Habitat 7 after the kett's first contact with humans. Very interested to learn how Alec Ryder accessed the Remnant vault, the Archon used a drone to holographically recreate the human's movements inside the atmospheric processor.

Later, the Archon's fleet intercepted the Tempest upon its arrival in the Onaon system and pin the ship against the Scourge. The Archon demanded to know who on the ship accessed the Remnant vault. The Tempest managed to outrun his fleet, successfully navigating through the Scourge, resulting in a few kett ships being destroyed by the Scourge during the pursuit.

Ryder can encounter infighting between two groups of kett on Elaaden. Later investigation reveals that a group of scientists felt that the Archon was beginning the be 'obsessed' with the Remnant, blocking off communications with their homeworld and straying away from their goal in Heleus.

Trivia Edit

  • In the mystical groups collectively known as Gnosticism, an Archon is a semi-divine being created by the False-God Demiurge (who is unaware of the real god/s). They are oppressive figures that govern the world, creating its state of misery and devouring the souls of the dead.
  • In the Dragon Age series, another Bioware franchise, an Archon is the mage-ruler of the Tevinter Imperium. Like his Dragon Age counterparts, Mass Effect's Archon appears to be a ruler possessing some sort of advanced power, possibly biotics.
  • According to lead designer Ian Frazier the Nexus was originally named the Arkcon before being renamed on the same day Archon was named for "completely different reasons."[1][2]

References Edit


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