A report has come in from New Tuchanka about a giant Remnant construct that has appeared and is working a path towards the outpost.


Ryder will receive an email after a Nexus outpost is founded on Elaaden.

Issue on Elaaden

To: Ryder
From: Kariste Archana

Hello, Pathfinder.

There's something here on Elaaden I need your help with. Not the krogan-- I'm handling them perfectly well. But this issue might be too big for me.

Find me at the outpost and we'll talk more.

Kariste Archana
Leader, New Tuchanka Outpost


Speak to outpost leader Edit

Fly to Elaaden and speak to Kariste Archana. She's in the southeastern building of the New Tuchanka outpost. Ask her about "outpost status" to progress the mission. Archana tells Ryder that an Architect has been spotted outside the settlements. She's worried that it will attack if it comes across any colonists.

Defeat the Architect Edit

The Architect can be found in the Languish area, right next to a forward station. The area doesn't seem to be a heat hazard, so your only problem is the Architect itself.

You receive 2660 xp when the Architect is defeated.

Interface with the Architect Edit

After doing this, don't forget to loot the nearby container. Among other loot it contains a core for Task: Remnant Data Cores.

Speak to outpost leader Edit

Return to Kariste Archana to complete the mission


On board the Tempest the remains of the Architect can be seen floating in the atmosphere of Elaaden: Architect Husk: Elaaden. Scanning it gives 50 Remnant research data.

Rewards Edit

530 XP, 400 AVP, +10% Elaaden viability.

Note that the rewards will not display on-screen, perhaps because the conversation with Archana is still running while they do.

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