For the mission that introduces the AVP feature to the player, see AVP Cryo Deployment Perks.

Andromeda Viability Points (AVP) represent the collective integrity of the colonization efforts in Andromeda.

Players can earn AVP by deploying Forward Stations, completing priority ops, missions and tasks, establishing an outpost, activating a Remnant vault.

As the player earns enough AVP, the Nexus level will increase, allowing more colonists to be awoken from cryo sleep. Which colonists the player decides to wake up determines what perks and advantages they will be able to utilize.

Cryo Pods Edit

There are 3 categories of cryo pods for a total of 28 cryo pod perks that can be unlocked. Since patch 1.08, a total of 24 perks (up from 17) can be unlocked in a single game run.

Science Pods Edit

Selected for their years of field experience and ingenuity under pressure, these scientists' expertise can quickly improve the Initiative's research and resources gathering capabilities.

Name Requirement(s) Reward
Lab Technicians - [Time-based] Earn research points at regular intervals. (Milky Way research data only.)
Mining Operations - [Time-based] Receive a selection of minerals at regular intervals.
Improved Development Lab Technicians [Permanent] Increases Research Data gain from all sources by 10%.
Expanded Field Analysis Mining Operations [Permanent] Additional common mining nodes are made available.
Expanded Field Analysis II Expanded Field Analysis, Viability of 90% required on Elaaden [Permanent] Additional rare mining nodes will be made available.
Accelerated Research - [Permanent] Reduces the amount of time it takes to earn research points.
Accelerated Mining Mining Operations, Viability of 70% required on Elaaden [Permanent] Reduces the amount of time required to gather minerals.
Improved Development II Improved Development [Permanent] Further increases Research Data gain from all sources by an additional 10%, making it a total of 20%.
Innovation Improved Development II, Viability of 90% required on Havarl [Permanent] Increases augmentation slots by one on all research projects.

Military Pods Edit

Military veterans from across the Milky Way have brought their expertise to Andromeda, including advanced combat training and wilderness survival skills.

Name Requirement(s) Reward
Munitions - [Time-based] Receive a drop of consumable supplies at regular intervals.
Hunting Parties - [Time-based] Receive organic materials at regular intervals.
Special Forces - [Time-based] Receive tech materials at regular intervals.
Reconnaissance - [Permanent] Reveals hidden caches around established forward stations.
Advanced Training One of the following perks unlocked: Munitions, Hunting Parties, Special Forces, OR Reconnaissance [Permanent] Gain a bonus of +10% gained for completing encounters. (For killing enemies, not for mission rewards.)
Always Prepared Munitions, Viability of 70% required on Eos [Permanent] Unlocks one extra consumables slot.
Versatility Always Prepared, Viability of 90% required on Eos [Permanent] Unlocks one additional consumables slot.
APEX Tactics - Earn 15% more credits for APEX missions.
APEX Tactics II APEX Tactics, Viability of 70% required on Voeld [Permanent] Earn an additional 15% credits for each completed APEX mission.
Ears to the Ground - [Permanent] Grants a 20% chance to receive weapons or armor when an APEX mission is completed.

Commerce Pods Edit

Trade is the lifeblood of civilization. These talented merchants and entrepreneurs can use their connections to acquire rare items, grow financial investments, or improve inventory management.

Name Requirement(s) Reward
Financial Infrastructure - [Time-based] Earn 500 credits from investments at regular intervals
Financial Infrastructure II Financial Infrastructure [Time-based] Earn a large amount of credits from investments at regular intervals.
Grey Market Connections - [Permanent] Improves prices when buying and selling items. (5% less when buying, 25% more when selling.)
Grey Market Connections II Grey Market Connections, Viability of 70% required on Kadara [Permanent] Further improves prices when buying and selling items. (5% less when buying, 25% more when selling; total 10% when buying and 50% when selling.)
Market Dominance Grey Market Connections [Permanent] Gain access to special inventories from merchants.
Supply Lines Unlock one of: Financial Infrastructure II OR Grey Market Connections II, Viability of 90% required on Kadara [Permanent] Increases the amount of raw materials and consumables that can be purchased from traders.
Trade Capacity - [Permanent] Increases inventory capacity.
Trade Capacity II Trade Capacity, Viability of 70% required on Kadara [Permanent] Further increases inventory capacity.
Fusion Mod Support Market Dominance, Viability of 90% required on Kadara [Permanent] Cuts the penalty of all Fusion Mods in half.

Rewards at regular intervals Edit

Cryo pod perks that give rewards at regular intervals do so every 45 minutes. This means time actually spent in game, and not spent in game menus, with the exception of the AVP menu itself.

For Lab Technicians and Mining Operations this interval can be reduced to 30 minutes by the corresponding acceleration-perk.

The rewards are not automatically received after each timer interval. To receive the rewards you have to visit the AVP menu and manually collect the rewards, then the timer starts for the next reward. You can access the AVP menu on the Nexus in Addison's Office or on the Tempest in the Research Room.

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