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Planet View
Orbital Distance N/A
Orbital Period 73.8 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio N/A
Radius 4,926 km
Day Length 23.3 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 0.00 atm
Surface Temp -193 °C
Surface Gravity 0.7 g
Mass 0.414 Earth Masses
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WayArtemis TauSparta System Fifth planet

Description Edit

Small, distant Alsages is a small terrestrial, with a trace atmosphere of methane and argon. The surface is composed of water ice and calcium with occasional deposits of light metals.

During the Alliance's pirate suppression campaign in the 2160's, the batarian Eluam Ran'perah was caught with his frigate Tunerron grounded on Alsages for drive discharge. When challenged by the cruiser Hyderabad, Ran'perah refused to surrender. The Tunerron was destroyed attempting to take off. The debris is strewn across the southern hemisphere.

Assignments Edit

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