Location: Milky Way / Rosetta Nebula / Alpha Draconis

Alpha Draconis is a small system with two planets.

Prerequisite: Acquisition of Jacob: The Gift of Greatness(Mass Effect 2)

Alpha Draconis itself is a white dwarf star. The real-life counterpart of Alpha Draconis, or Thuban, is a star approximately 310 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Draco. The in-game star however is located on the other rim of the Milky Way as seen from our solar system, making it impossible to be seen on Earth's night sky. The in-game values of the orbital distance and period of the two planets orbiting Alpha Draconis suggest a mass significantly less than the actual mass of the star, which is 3.4 times the mass of the Sun. The name of this system may be derived from the Greek letter Alpha, and the Latin word for dragon, draconis.

2175 Aeia Edit

2175 Aeia is the first planet orbiting the star Alpha Draconis.

Main article: 2175 Aeia

2175 AR2 Edit

2175 AR2 is the second planet orbiting the star Alpha Draconis.

Main article: 2175 AR2

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