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The Alliance News Network delivers daily news about the Mass Effect universe via the Mass Effect 3 main menu. In-universe, these news reports take place in 2186 CE during the Reaper invasion of the galaxy.

The following is an archive of Alliance News Network reports from March of 2012.

March 2012 - Week Two Edit

Weekly Headline Edit

"Blackouts on Earth. Satellite signal losses reported globally. Cities bombarded, power grids down. Quantum communicators only source of information. Alien attackers -- unknown species."

03/06/2012 - A New Threat?

“Batarian refugees in Exodus cluster include government figures. Refugees: "Attackers devastated our planets. Not Alliance. Not Council."”

03/07/2012 - Human Homeworld Engulfed

“Comm buoys dark in Sol system, Arcturus system, Exodus cluster. QECs report insectoid attackers, "deformed" batarians. Rachni "ruled out."”

03/09/2012 - War Erupts in Turian Space

“Comm buoys dark over Taetrus. Insectoid ships confirmed. Primarch Fedorian: "Whatever civilization we face, it picked the wrong foe."”

March 2012 - Week Three Edit

Weekly Headline Edit

"Ancient sapient starships attacking galaxy-wide. Citadel Councilors: "The enemy are called Reapers. There can be no peace.""

03/12/2012 - A Third Front Opens

“Asari space attacked. Antimatter fuel generator in Loropi system offline, comm buoys down. Asari command: "We face a galactic assault."”

03/14/2012 - Salarian Assistance Paralyzed

“Salarian fleets on hold. Narra bloodline threatens rebellion if ships defend non-salarian space. Linron refuses to enact martial law.”

03/16/2012 - Turians Defeated at Taetrus

“Turians lose Taetrus relay. Reaper forces push through to Palaven. Primarch: "The foe is powerful, but so were the krogan."”

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