First murder

Lieutenant Sajax needs assistance getting APEX up and running effectively.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is automatically acquired after completing A Better Beginning, though Ryder needs to talk to Lieutenant Sajax in the militia office to get it in the Journal.

Walkthrough Edit

Assist At The APEX Terminal Edit

Speak with Sajax in the Militia Office on the Nexus.

Gather Intel On Enemies (0/20) Edit

Ryder will have to scan 20 enemies encountered on travels throughout the Heleus Cluster.

  • Hostile local wildlife doesn't count towards this total.
  • Enemies don't need to be alive to count, as long as their bodies haven't disappeared.
  • Enemy types already scanned prior to being given the assignment automatically count toward the total, so it is possible to instantly complete the mission if Ryder waits long enough before being given it.
  • Ryder is awarded 50 Research Data (RD) for each enemy scanned (depending upon the unit type).
    • Rd icon milkyway orange - Milky Way enemies such as the Raider.
    • Rd icon heleus orange - Heleus enemies such as the Chosen.
    • Rd icon heleus orange - Remnant enemies such as the Destroyer.

Note: After Ryder has scanned 20 enemies to complete this mission, further enemies will continue to give 50 RD per new enemy unit type scanned until all enemy unit types have been scanned.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon