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ME3 Shops AegohrMunitions
Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Scorpion1 7000 / 6300
Pistol Scope 4000 / 3600
SMG Scope 4000 / 3600
SMG Heat Sink 4000 / 3600
SMG High-Velocity Barrel 2 4000 / 3600
Pistol High Caliber Barrel 6000 / 5400
SMG Ultralight Materials 6000 / 5400
Serrice Council Chestplate1 5000 / 4500
Kuwashii Visor 5000 / 4500
Mnemonic Visor 1 5000 / 4500
Capacitor Helmet 1 5000 / 4500
Serrice Council Shoulder Guard 1 5000 /4500

1 If not picked up during missions
2 Requires Mass Effect 3: Leviathan
Aegohr Munitions is located on the Presidium Commons in the Citadel. The terminal is found on the counter of the right shop on the upper level of the Meridian Place Market.

When Commander Shepard visits the store, there is a man demanding a refund despite missing the original receipt. Later, the salarian and turian merchants behind the counter may be found arguing about how to best defend themselves against terrorist attacks.

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