Advanced Training is a research that grants Shepard a Bonus Power for 5000 Element Zero which may be used and points allocated to it. The choice of powers available depends on how many squadmates the player has acquired the loyalty of. Once a squad member's loyalty has been secured, and the corresponding loyalty power earned, it becomes available for selection by any of the characters associated with the profile.
See also: Loyalty

Shepard may only have one bonus power allocated at a time, re-using the Advanced Training research will allocate the newly selected power, with any Squad Points invested in the previous one becoming free to redistribute. On a 2nd playthrough, a bonus power may be selected from the Character Creation stage at the start. Further playthroughs will allow a similar selection, but as above, this will overwrite the currently allocated Bonus Power.

Loyalty Powers by Squad Member Edit

See also: Shadow Broker Base#Advanced Training

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