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Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib ME2 Before Alarei
Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib
Quarian Admiral
Voice Actor
Martin Jarvis
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib is one of the members of the quarian Admiralty Board. He is outspoken for his sympathetic views on the geth.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Zaal'Koris firmly opposes the idea of reclaiming the quarian homeworld, believing that the geth, being sentient, have as much right to live as the quarians, and advocates for the colonization of a new world instead. This has resulted in him being branded as a geth sympathizer. He is shown to be distrustful towards Rael'Zorah and his daughter, Tali. But Zaal'Koris later admits that he never hated Tali, he only thought her father's aim for war against the geth was wrong.

His home vessel is the Qwib-Qwib. If Commander Shepard asks about the name of the ship despite Tali's warnings not to, Zaal'Koris haughtily explains that some of the ships in the Migrant Fleet are previously owned vessels from other cultures and that changing their registry information is not always possible. He does admit that a name like the Defrahnz or the Iktomi might have been better, but he is proud of the Qwib-Qwib and refuses to change ships because of petty insults.

During Tali's hearing, Zaal'Koris will initially object to Commander Shepard's defense of Tali, saying that "a human has no business in such sensitive military matters". Shala'Raan will remind him that since he declared Tali crew of the Normandy SR-2, Shepard has the right to defend her. If Shepard brings Legion to Tali's trial, Koris will raise a different objection, demanding that quarian security remove the geth from the courtroom and accusing Tali of attempting to intimidate the admirals. Shala will then remind Koris that the captain of the Rayya, the ship on which the trial is taking place, permitted Legion on board and that Koris does not have the right to override a ship's captain on such a matter. In either situation, Zaal'Koris will withdraw his objection.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Me3 koris
Against Koris' objections, and Tali's if she is appointed as an admiral, the other admirals chose to attack the geth, which caused them to seek help from the Reapers. He fears that the admirals might have destroyed the quarian race for good by attacking the geth. Koris leads the Civilian Fleet.

Koris's ship is shot down while destroying a geth planetary cannon, though he survived the crash. He gets separated from his crew and is cut off by the geth. As he is fighting for his life, Shepard arrives to extract him. The Commander can either choose to obey Koris' plea to rescue his crew or convince him to come back to prevent the Civilian Fleet he commands from falling apart. If the latter is chosen, Koris would back Shepard in making peace for both quarians and geth. Otherwise, the admiral dies fighting.

When Shepard attempts at brokering peace during the assault on the Reaper base by commanding all quarian ships to stop firing, Koris lends the Commander his authority.

If Shepard does not rescue Koris but still makes sure the quarians survive the attack, some civilian fleet captains will panic and attempt to flee the system, but are cut down by geth in the attempt, reducing the Quarian Civilian Fleet's Combat Effectiveness.

If Koris was rescued, however, the Civilian Fleet's Combat Effectiveness remains unaffected and Koris himself joins Shepard's forces to combat the Reapers.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Qwib-Qwib may be a reference to Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series. They are autonomous self replicating spaceships (as are the Berserkers themselves) designed to fight the Berserkers. At the time of the novels only a single damaged Qwib-Qwib has survived.
  • Martin Jarvis provides the voice for Avernus in the Warden's Keep DLC of Dragon Age: Origins, another BioWare game. Also, he is involved with voicing other characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • In Mass Effect 2, Zaal'Koris says that not all quarians can serve aboard ships with great names such as the Defrahnz or Iktomi. However, according to quarian naming conventions, these ship names would be even more embarrassing to an English speaker - his name would be Zaal'Koris vas Defrahnz or Zaal'Koris vas Iktomi.

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