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ShalaRaanvasTonbay ME2
Shala'Raan vas Tonbay
Quarian Admiral
Voice Actor
Shoreh Aghdashloo
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay is a member of the quarian Admiralty Board. She is an old friend of Tali'Zorah's father, having known the Zorah family for 25 years.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

After Tali'Zorah vas Neema is accused of treason against the quarian people, Admiral Shala'Raan is seen presiding over her hearing, but had to recuse herself from taking part in the hearing due to her relationship with the Zorah family. Tali calls her "Auntie Raan." She and Tali's mother synchronised suits so that they could be in the same clean room for Tali's birth, she was the one who delivered Tali; as a result, she was sick for a week. She doesn't inform Tali about the Geth attack on the Alarei when she comes aboard the Rayya; instead she reveals this during the trial to ensure Tali displayed surprise and dismay, something which Raan hopes will convince the judges to let Tali prove her innocence. She acts as the moderator and the spokesman for the trial. She is undecided on the geth, not siding with any of the other admirals. Depending on Commander Shepard's actions on Tali's behalf, the Admiral will announce that the Admiralty Board has found her guilty and sentence her to exile or announce that the Board has acquitted her of the charges.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

If Tali does not survive the assault on the Collector base, Raan will fulfill Tali's role in key plot events. Raan will remain aboard the Normandy SR-2 in the War Room, as a quarian envoy for the duration of the missions on Rannoch.

During the mission to disable the geth dreadnought, Raan will abide by the mission plan and prepare her ships to retreat or getting ready to counterattack. She will try to stop Admiral Han'Gerrel vas Neema who orders the Heavy Fleet to open fire on the dreadnought, endangering Shepard's team, but is forced to comply with his orders after realizing the importance of the Heavy Fleet. She is outraged at this betrayal from Han and threatens to have him charged with treason. She tasks Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh with helping Han to counter the geth, after finding out from Legion or the Geth VI about the Reaper upgrades. If Legion was taken to Tali's trial, then Raan will recognize it and refer to it as the Commander's 'geth friend'.

Shepard can speak to Raan during her stay about the quarian fleet defenses and armaments. Although she understands the risks involved, Raan is in favor of converting the liveships into dreadnoughts, saying that they must do whatever it takes to win, to which Shepard can offer an opinion. Raan also requests Shepard to rescue Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib, who sacrificed his ship to destroy a geth planetary cannon and crashlanded on Rannoch. If Shepard destroys the geth servers, she will be surprised at seeing the recorded information regarding the Morning War but refuses to be swayed by it, reiterating that admirals don't have the luxury of second thoughts.

Sometime later, she will provide Shepard with the coordinates of the Reaper base and the Sync Laser. During the assault on the Reaper base, her ship will be shot down and she will make a crash landing on Rannoch. If Shepard secures peace, a newly sentient Geth Prime approaches her and welcomes her people to Rannoch. Raan suggests the southern continent for settling as it had excellent farmland.

If Shepard picks the geth over the quarians and Raan has taken Tali's place, she will commit suicide by shooting herself in the head.

If Shepard chooses the quarians over the geth and Tali is dead, Raan will dispatch Legion or the Geth VI with a shotgun, who attacks Shepard.

If the quarians are able to return to Rannoch, Admiral Raan will change her name to Admiral Shala'Raan vas Rannoch.

If peace was achieved between the quarians and the geth, Raan will send Shepard an e-mail:

From: Shala'Raan vas Rannoch


With assistance from the geth, our fleet is nearly back to full strength. We have focused most of our efforts on providing evacuation assistance and support for the turian fleet, while the geth harass the Reapers. Even with our newfound peace, it seems foolish to risk an incident by putting our forces in closer proximity.

I understand from Admiral Xen that the Crucible project continues well, though Xen herself seems dissatisfied with the technological capabilities of the device. Though eccentric, she is also brilliant. Hopefully, she will find some way to improve its functionality.

I would never had believed you would talk Han down, Commander.

Take care of Tali'Zorah for me.

Keelah se'lai
Admiral Shala'Raan vas Rannoch

If the geth are destroyed, the e-mail is different:

From: Shala'Raan vas Rannoch


Our work on Rannoch continues to go well. The geth left impressive technology and raw materials that we have used to make repairs and return our fleet to fighting strength. While we have focused primarily on providing support for the more turian fleet, we have also been able to evacuate key colonies and hold back Reaper skirmishing forces.

Our most experienced technical experts are assisting with the Crucible. We have more experience with unfamiliar technologies than any other species, and I promise you that we will burn the Reapers from the sky as soon as the Crucible is installed.

The ocean winds of my homeworld call, Commander. When this is over, I will stand on the shore and remember your name with gratitude. Until then, our fleet is yours.

Keelah se'lai
Admiral Shala'Raan vas Rannoch

If Tali is dead, Raan is present on Earth at the Forward Operating Base.

Trivia Edit

  • "RAAN" is also a common abbreviation for "Right Ascension of Ascending Node," one of the quantities used to describe the shape and location of a spacecraft's orbit.
  • Shala is a Babylonian and Akkadian war goddess and a goddess of grain, the consort of the storm-god Adad.
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