Description Edit

Designed for the asari resistance, the Acolyte's barrels fire advanced ammunition similar to that of an impact-triggered resonant warp bomb, which has a devastating effect on shields and biotic barriers. The specialized nature of the warp field means it does not pierce armor as effectively, but the shooter's biotics are expected to make up for this shortcoming.

Acquisition Edit

The Acolyte is available after downloading the Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Acolyte launches a projectile similar to a grenade, which can be bounced off walls and has a noticeable downward arc in its trajectory. This weapon is effectively a sort of anti-shield flare gun.
  • The proximity detonation on the Acolyte is larger after the first bounce. Careful aim can thus allow you to strip the shields from a larger crowd of enemies.[1]
  • The Acolyte does 500% damage against shields and barriers. This may make it a good choice for classes that have few shield-stripping abilities. Additionally, despite its description, the Acolyte suffers no damage penalty when used against armor. [2]
  • If paired with a powerful followup weapon such as an assault rifle or shotgun, the Acolyte can be a useful tool for Vanguards, which lack the ability to quickly strip the shields or barriers off of targets. Given the propensity for enemies on higher difficulty levels to have barriers and shields, the Acolyte can be used to strip away defenses at range, allowing the Vanguard to follow up with a Biotic Charge or shotgun blast.
  • Targets hit by the Acolyte will become momentarily stunned as though hit with electric powers such as Overload.
  • The weapon is surprisingly effective against geth units even after they have become unprotected.
  • Because the Acolyte is one of the lightest weapons (next to the M-3 Predator and the M-4 Shuriken), the Pistol Ultralight Materials mod is largely ineffective, unless one plans to take a second, heavier weapon into battle.
  • The Acolyte needs to be aimed carefully, since a missed shot will expose you for at least one second due to the charge time. If an enemy is given half a chance to get close, you may find your shields, and possibly your health stripped away before you can fire another shot. This is especially fatal if a Phantom or Banshee gets within melee range of you, where they can quickly impale and kill you.
  • Like the Scorpion, the Acolyte is not recommended as a "fallback weapon", but rather as a specialized offensive handgun, destroying the shields of priority targets from far.
  • If equipped for the last part of Priority: Mars, the final confrontation with Dr. Eva becomes incredibly difficult due to the charge time required with each shot. This scene has since been patched to allow the player to change weapons, so it is recommended to immediately switch to another gun instead of the Acolyte.

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