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Acheron ME
System View
Stellar Mass 0.8 Sol Masses
Stellar Class K0
Luminosity 0.4 Sol
Planets 4
Moons 0
Asteroid Belts 1
Asteroids 1
Objects 0

Location: Milky Way / Styx Theta / Acheron

Acheron is a medium system with four planets and an asteroid belt.

Prerequisite: Noveria: Geth Interest (Mass Effect)

This cluster and the systems within it are named for the Greek underworld, Hades. Acheron, although strictly a branch of the river Styx, was also frequently used as a synonym for Hades itself.

Altahe Edit

Altahe is the second planet orbiting the star Acheron.

Main article: Altahe

Carbonaceous Asteroid Edit

“You discovered signs of a battle while scanning an asteroid field in the Acheron System. A small recon and recovery team led by Navigator Pressly was able to determine that many of the ships were marked with the Epyrus Colony insignia.”

Farthorl Edit

Farthorl is the first planet orbiting the star Acheron.

Main article: Farthorl

Grosalgen Edit

Grosalgen is the third planet orbiting the star Acheron.

Main article: Grosalgen

Imaneya Edit

Imaneya is the fourth planet orbiting the star Acheron.

Main article: Imaneya

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