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Evolution Abrudas portrait
Turian Lieutenant
Mass Effect: Evolution
Abrudas is a turian lieutenant who served in the First Contact War in 2157.

During the conflict, Lieutenant Abrudas is under the command of General Desolas Arterius, and commands a complement of soldiers who found a downed turian research vessel that crashed on Shanxi. After receiving a false message from Desolas, she leads a squad of men to rendezvous with the General, subsequently falling into a trap. Abrudas then unwittingly provides the human mercenaries with the location of the downed research vessel.

Trivia Edit

  • Abrudas is first female turian to be visually depicted in the Mass Effect franchise. Before her, only two other turian females had ever been mentioned: Orinia and Dinara in the novel Mass Effect: Retribution.

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