A string of violent murders plague Kadara Port. Reyes Vidal believes the Roekaar are the culprits. He has recruited you to investigate the murders and prove his theory correct.


Started automatically upon the completetion of Murder in Kadara Port.


Vidal has given Ryder the navpoint for another murder victim.

Go to the crime sceneEdit

It's one of the houses at Charybdis Point. Upon entering the building, Vidal calls on comm, giving info on the murder victim.

Scan all clues in the crime sceneEdit

The clues give support for Vidal's theory about the Roekaar being the murderers.

Meet Reyes at the Roekaar hideoutEdit

Reyes is not at the hideout. The Pathfinder team is captured by the Roekaar, and their leader Farah Noskos is indeed the culprit behind the murders. Reyes appears and delivers a surprise to the Roekaar.

After defeating the Roekaar, you may wish to explore the cave for some loot.

A datapad reveals that Vidal was right: they came here to get more recruits and started killing aliens and angara friendly to the aliens.

Personal Log: Farah Noskos
New entry: Today, I witness one of our own flirting with that disgusting blue bartender at port. It took all of my self control not to slice him open until he stumbled outside the bar.

Once we have enough recruits, the entire planet needs to be cleansed of alien scum and their sympathizers.


Leave the Roekaar hideoutEdit

Outside, Reyes says he will let all the important people know the good Ryder did.


  • 530 XP
  • 73 AVP
  • +5% Kadara viability

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