Sage Amurd's sister, Amara, left Mithrava years ago. He longs to see Amara again, but she likely moved away from Daar Pelaav when it was overtaken by the jungle. However, records of her whereabouts might still exist.

Acquisition Edit

Talk to Sage Amurd in Mithrava to acquire this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Wait for a way to cross the chasm to Old Pelaav Edit

You will not have found a way to cross the ravine in Havarl, so this mission is on hold until you reach a certain point in A Dying Planet. At that point, Roekaar will have enabled the bridge across the chasm, so the mission may be continued.

Locate records in old Pelaav Edit

In the Roekaar encampment, one of the buildings on the right will have an Archive System. Interacting with it reveals that it lacks power; hop out of the nearby window to reach a generator. Repair it and return to the Archive System to activate it. Ryder is able to find that an Amara Dosen was moved across the planet.

Return to Sage Amurd Edit

Back in Mithrava, talk to Sage Amurd to give him the data drive with his sister's information. He could go visit her, but he is afraid of leaving his home. Ryder can either let him decide on his own, or encourage him to see his sister.

Rewards Edit

  • 530 XP

Aftermath Edit

If you encouraged Amurd to visit his sister, you receive this email.

Thank You, Pathfinder
To: Ryder
From: Amurd

It is I, Amurd.

I write to you now from Amara's home, on the other side of Havarl. I am surrounded by her children and grandchildren, whom I have never met, but who welcomed me as though they'd known me all their lives.

I left my home, only to find another one. Though I wish I had done this years ago, I am grateful for the time I have left. This would not have happened without your help.

It is beautiful here.


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