Technician Danny Messier is an eager Prodromos colonist who isn't quite sure what he should focus his research on. He'd like some advice from the Pathfinder.

Note: This mission is not tracked by the journal.


After the radiation has cleared, Tech Danny Messier can be found in Prodromos, near the shuttle platform.

Upon speaking to him, he is enthusiastic about meeting the Pathfinder, and asks what he should study for Prodromos. Ryder can suggest one of three things: flora and fauna, kett, or Remnant. He will agree, and can then be found around Eos, in need of rescue.

Though there is no marker for this mission, once close enough to his various locations, he will be identified by a green icon and radio the Nomad for help.


If Ryder suggested he study flora and fauna, he can be found being attacked by bugs south of the two failed outposts. Upon being rescued, he will say that the animals of Eos are too dangerous, and may go to study one of the other two options.

If Ryder suggested he study kett, he can be found on the plateaus west of Prodromos at a kett camp. Once safe, he says that kett are too dangerous, and may decide to try his luck with another field.

If Ryder suggested he study Remnant, he can be found at a Remnant site southeast of the two failed outposts, near a mining zone. After the Remnant are taken care of, he declares that Remnant are too dangerous, and may attempt to study something else.

After being rescued three times, Danny will say that Eos altogether is just too dangerous, and that he will go somewhere safe, like Kadara. This seems to be the end of the mission.


Ryder: "This can't end well."


If you talk to him after defeating the main Kett outpost there will be only 2 jobs available for him, for example, bugs and Remnant. Later on you will find him pretty drunk inside Paradise on Elaaden.

Bug: he is still in Prodromos even after he has told he leaves Eos. So he is met at both places, like Clancy Arquist at Eos Site 1 Promise. (version 1.10)

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