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AVP Cryo Development Perks is a Priority Ops Mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda, where AVP represents Andromeda Viability Points. It introduces you to the AVP mechanic and, upon completion, allows you to access the system from the Tempest control room. Andromeda Viability Points lead to Perks that directly empower your efforts. Because as Pathfinder, you choose what is important to life in Heleus. Speak to Director Addison and her assistant about AVP, and decide what experts will shape and strengthen your Initiative.

For the AVP system details and list of perks, see Andromeda Viability Points.

Acquisition Edit

The mission is added to your journal after placing an outpost on Eos in the mission A Better Beginning.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Addison on Nexus Edit

Find and speak to Addison in the Operations wing of the Nexus in the colonial affairs subsection to learn about the AVP system, designed to help the Pathfinder on their travels. Each action you take to increase the viability of the Heleus Cluster will earn you AVP, and at certain thresholds, you will gain a Nexus Level and the opportunity to bring a new group of specialists out of cryostasis.

Speak with Brecka Edit

After speaking to Addison, talk to her assistant, Vladimir Brecka, a short way behind you. He can give you more information about the AVP system, and will direct you to the AVP Status Control panel nearby. Interact with the console to bring up the AVP interface. You will notice on the left that you have at least 1 Cryo Point available. Explore the three categories and the perks within, then choose one(s) to spend your point(s) on.

Spending a Cryo point and closing the interface will complete the mission.

Mission Rewards Edit

  • 270 XP

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