Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ is the official companion app for Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer.[1] Supported by iOS and Android devices, APEX HQ was released on March 15 in Canada, Ireland, Romania and Singapore, and worldwide on March 20, 2017.

Through APEX HQ, players can view their progress in multiplayer, equip characters, assign skill points, manage Strike Teams, and access their friend list. The app cannot be used while signed into the game.[2]

Strike Teams Edit

Positive traitsEdit

  • Daring: +10 Effectiveness when High-Risk, High-Reward
  • Elite: +5 Effectiveness
  • Grizzled Veteran: +5 Effectiveness
  • Heroic: +10 Effectiveness with We Need a Hero
  • Hostage Rescue Specialist: +10 to Effectiveness in A Hostage Situation
  • Kett Specialist: +10 Effectiveness against Kett
  • Lucky: +5 Effectiveness
  • Nighttime Operator: +10 Effectiveness during Nighttime missions
  • Outlaw Specialist: +10 Effectiveness against Outlaw
  • Precise: +10 Effectiveness with No Room for Error
  • Remnant Specialist: +10 Effectiveness against Remnant
  • Rugged: +10 Effectiveness during Poor Weather conditions
  • Skirmisher: +5 Effectiveness
  • Stealthy: +10 Effectiveness when Silent and Deadly
  • Tough: +5 Effectiveness
  • Virtuous: +10 Effectiveness with Bribe Attempt

Negative traitsEdit

  • Berserker: -10 Effectiveness with Enemies Everywhere
  • Cowardly: -10 Effectiveness with Scary
  • Ill-Prepared: -10 Effectiveness during Poor Weather conditions
  • Injured Teammate: -5 Effectiveness
  • Kett Hysteria: -10 Effectiveness against Kett
  • Night Blindness: -10 Effectiveness during Nighttime missions
  • Outlaw Hysteria: -10 Effectiveness against Outlaw
  • Poor Intelligence: -10 Effectiveness with Key Intelligence Component
  • Raucous: -10 Effectiveness when Silent and Deadly
  • Reluctant Soldier: -5 Effectiveness
  • Remnant Hysteria: -10 Effectiveness against Remnant
  • Timid: -10 Effectiveness during High-Risk, High-Reward
  • Xenophobe: -10 Effectiveness with Alien Presence



The following come in versions I, II, III, and IV, which increase effectiveness by +10%, +20%, +30%, and +40%, respectively:

  • Breaching Charges (increases effectiveness in High-Risk, High-Reward missions)
  • All Weather Gear (increases effectiveness in Poor Weather conditions)
  • Quick Response Vehicle (increases effectiveness in A Hostage Situation missions)
  • Empowered Shields (increases effectiveness in We Need a Hero missions)
  • Night Vision (increases effectiveness during Nighttime conditions)


The following increase overall effectiveness:

  • Adrenaline Shots (+1 Effectiveness)
  • Crate of Specialized Ammo (+2 Effectiveness)
  • Weapon Rail Amps (+3 Effectiveness)
  • Amplified Modules (+4 Effectiveness)
  • N7 Armor (+5 Effectiveness)
  • Recovered Remnant Tech (+6 Effectiveness)
  • Electronic Countermeasures (+7 Effectiveness)
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Device (+8 Effectiveness)
  • Black Widow (+9 Effectiveness)
  • Exceptional Human Intelligence (+20 Effectiveness)

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References Edit

  1. APEX HQ website

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