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2175 AR2
2175 ar2
Planet View
Type Gas Giant
Orbital Distance 9.3 AU
Orbital Period 28.4 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 0.997
Radius 62,775 km
Day Length 14.0 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Satellites 21

Location: Milky WayRosetta NebulaAlpha Draconis System Second planet

Prerequisite: Acquisition of Jacob: The Gift of Greatness (Mass Effect 2)


Still formally unnamed, this planet is a hydrogen-helium gas giant with 21 moon-sized objects.

Mineral DepositsEdit

Initial Scanner Result: Poor

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 6,400
Platinum Medium 5,600
Iridium Medium 5,700
Element Zero None 0

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