IGN is in the midst of writing a review of Mass Effect 3. Over the next week, reviewer Colin Moriarty will be playing the PS3 version of ME3 and adding two more updates to the review-in-progress before publishing a final review of the game. Each update promises to answer a few more questions about ME3, but will remain generally spoiler-free.

In addition to the review-in-progress, IGN also has two new videos of ME3 goodness:

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  • Update: Two more videos from IGN:
Mass Effect 3 - Hijacking an Atlas Mech (Hijacker Achievement)01:42

Mass Effect 3 - Hijacking an Atlas Mech (Hijacker Achievement)

Mass Effect 3 - A Tour of the New Normandy04:03

Mass Effect 3 - A Tour of the New Normandy

  • Update #2: This isn't related to IGN, but since CVG posted its own video tour of the Normandy (and one that's more thorough), I figured here would be as good a place as any to post it.

  • Update #3: Two more videos from the IGN are below. The third and final portion of the review-in-progress is also up.
Mass Effect 3 - Meet The Brute00:53

Mass Effect 3 - Meet The Brute

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