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• 11/6/2018

Future of Mass Effect

I still wonder what the future of mass effect will hold because if you played all the way through ME trilogy, and chose the perfect ending of destroy you see a body move at the very end. I’m not sure if it’s Shepard but correct me if I am wrong on that. But if Andromeda was a bust then does this mean that we will go back to the Milky Way? Or will there be a new character we can choose to play in the Milky Way during the time of Shepard?
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• 11/7/2018
I know for certain that at least one ME dev has recently expressed personal interest in a trilogy remaster. I think if the fanbase were to be able to muster more or less one voice, that it COULD happen. For those that are interested in that kind of thing. Little to indicate that this would sidetrack them from the next big thing they work on
• 11/7/2018

Mass Effect is a money making machine. BioWare and EA would probably have to be crazy to not want to continue the franchise in whatever way they could. As to how they will continue it, your guess is as good as mine.

• 11/8/2018
The game industry constantly changes and always has. When I started my gaming journey in the early 90's adventure games and space sims were dominant, replaced by RTS and sinfle player FPS and MMO + microtransactions replacing them.

What one might perceive as a money making machine, might not hold true.
Though Mass Effect might be a well known and award winning franchise and 6-8 years ago selling 12 million copies sounded awesome, it is still a niche product in terms of revenue and total sales for a big budget AAA product. The whole franchise might count 20 millions in sales. Minecraft alone sold 100 million, GTA V scratches this number too with both around 6 billion in revenue and counting. Zero Dawn sold 7 million on the PS alone.

Not comparing apples and oranges but these are obly meant as examples what the gaming industry focusses on as a business.

These things need to be considered by the producer and publisher. EA Sport (new release every year, minor changes, thus only a fair amount of development budget necessary, highly microtransaction focussed) with 40 to 50 million sales are the reliant cash cows for EA even after license fees.

With the award winning status of what ME was, it becomes an even more riskier endeavour to create a new game. The expectations on a visual, gamplay and storytelling standard are quite high, now more then ever, resulting in a massive budget requirement without garantied high profits to justify it in the first place.

Actually such a project would be more of a gamble then a money making machine, as many games are judged by it's cover ( no matter how mediocre MEA was) , or the comments of a friend who heard it from a friend nowadays.

The alternative would be crowdfunding, but this is not an option here due to copyright restrictions.

Not painting black, but just wanting to point out that some things are not as easy as they seem.
• 11/8/2018

Drat, I keep forgetting the Refusal Ending. Just a completely foreign concept to me, I guess. I still think Synthesis can work with the rest. Those changes would be drastic initially but given a generation or two, could subside into background 'color' like all the other endings (except Refuse). No canon ending need be endorsed and the MW galaxy spins on. Still, the continuation of Andromeda is the more likely scenario.

As for Shepard's preferred gender option - the only place I recall that being an issue (and it's been some time since I played MEA) was during Alec's memory speaking with Garrus's father about Commander Shepard's Reaper reports. I seem to recall them having to use a pronoun in a couple of spots. I can't recall if it was necessary for any codex entries or mentioned in Liara's messages. That's the only impact 'the most famous human in the galaxy' had on the next galaxy/chapter - a vague footnote.

The gaming industry seems to have currently pivoted their concerns from gambling on the next game pleasing consumers to focusing on methods making enough money to please investors. It's not about players. It's about payers. It's not games - it's revenue streams. Similar to the comic book market some years ago, investors realized how much untapped revenue potential was contained in the gaming geek market, and decided to dig into it. That's why so many games are now marketed with an eye more towards investors than to players, with microtransactions, loot boxes, and other monetisation scheme-ware. I don't think these business models are going anywhere anytime soon, but I also think nature abhors a vacuum and when somebody presents good games, well-made, and complete, their profits will soar on the goodwill of a gratefully respected audience.

• 11/9/2018
There is no Mass Effect without Shepard or the Milky Way races. Andromeda proved this for me: tried so hard to play it through, but could not. Great game, but this is not Mass Effect at least for myself. Boring not fleshed out characters and races. The graphics is good but thats nothing and the conversations are joke no serious content and information in those.
• 11/9/2018

I am not sure ME will have a future. The MW story is finished and there is little of value that can be added to it. I really liked andromeda and even though it was not a commercial failure it was incredibly poorly received. Furthermore the feedback of why people didn't like it is conflicting and often has very little grounding when compared to the original trilogy (no Shepard= not ME, bad writing/ story, boring races while in the trilogy we can describe entire races with 2 sentences, characters aren't fleshed out while MEA has the most extensive crew quests of all the games). Basically from a devs point of view ME is a franchise that people suddenly don't like for no reason. It hurts me to say it but I doubt EA will take the risk of making more ME titles. (Hope they will however)

• 11/10/2018
There is more to come acc to devs on N7 day and at least one that says has personal interest in trilogy remaster ... don't forget prior to that spoke of the "secret stuff" they're working on re: ME & DA Also they are aware of fans (and gaming media !!) pining for return to MW for what that's worth
• 11/10/2018
People hear what they want to hear which can be good or bad, especially as we lack evidence.

During ME:A development, almost everything that could go or be done wrong went wrong. So even the most stupid person would not make these mistakes again.

That N7 video is quite ambiguous:
On one hand they show you ( BW employees alone btw) that they care about the franchise and want to continue it, but on the other hand both Mark Gamble and Casey Hudson read from a board in a not very good acting style which makes it feel like you are stuck in a charged service hotline and they want you to 'hold the line pls'.

Of course what else can they do right now?
EA backup will hinge on Anthem's success. Younger audience have a tendency to switch there priorities every minute and only want to be entertained on a go go basis ( at least so it seems). The more profound community members will wait for and await any news about their preferred franchise, the hardcore ones even no matter what. And N7 is for the community.

I only say it that harsh because I was wrong before with cheering people up that a DLC for Andromeda would most certainly come because I was too optimistic. For any sort of continuation both the developer and the publisher have to back it up.

As much as I don't like/don't care about Destiny style games I still hope for the best.
• 11/10/2018

It's okay, Marolf. Given that blatant opening left at the end of Andromeda, there was every reason to believe a follow-up, Quarian/Miscellaneous ark DLC was in the works. It was a rude disappointment to everyone when that cancellation-in-favor-of-book was announced.

That N7 video was very nice and a whole lot of nothing. Everybody knows everything at Bioware is essentially bottlenecked by Anthem right now. It's not a game for me but I hope it does well enough to establish a decent revenue stream for Bioware so they can continue to develop their classic RPG's with less of EA steaming up their tails. Time will tell.

• 11/17/2018
I played all the way through. And yes bioware confirmed that the body is indeed shepard. I did that ending too. :D
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