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• 12/26/2016

ME3 without import

So on my like 10th series play through I died in ME2 at the end due to carelessness basically which I didn't know could really happen then I found out it's canonical the shepherd dies, I also for the first time saved the human reaper for Cerberus. So is it worth doing a ME3 play through without an import? What's different? (without serious spoilers if any) I don't care about most of the characters accept Garrus (space bro) and Miranda❤️❤️ (every play through I insure Jacob dies because of their past relationship) So again, is it worth it or just a waste of time?
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• 12/27/2016
A non-import leaves you, in my opinion, with an undesirable world state. Expect some of your favorite characters to be dead or to have made choices you don't like. You could use Genesis to work around some of that. I'd prefer an import. You can always redo the SM and follow a guide for a better outcome.
• 12/27/2016
Does that mean some characters from your squad in ME2 are still alive even though they all died at the end?
Course if not it'd be a pretty empty story especially depending on what alignment the canonical shepherd took
• 12/27/2016
Some important plot points went the worst case. However, I believe all of your squad members survive with the blank ME3 game. There may be some other stuff, but I very much disliked the experience. It made me want to deceive the Krogans about the Genophage. I actually wanted to do it. The story becomes impersonal, and without Genesis, it's not your story, but one you're catching up on. Feel free to check it out, though. That's the only reason I even tried.
• 12/27/2016
Shepards demise in ME 2 is canonical? That is the first time I hear that. IF you want it canonical.... never import and always start a ME2 and ME 3 game as default Shep..... that would be most canon as it get's.

A Non-Import ME3 NG is a special experience of you soley focus on the reaper war and don't want to bother with previous decissions.

As stated before, it might be a bit disturbing, that the default decissions do not match yours.
At the character creation screen, you can choose or your Virmire Survivor and most of the Crew survived ME2, but not exactly who.
Or you can choose that most of your Crew died. Afaik it is based on chance who survives, except the Virmire Survivor will always be from the other gender.

That means, that some squadmates could return in your ME3 run, although they died during the Suicide Mission.

Btw default decissions like the Council's fate in ME 1 are the same as they are in a default ME 2 game. And you're treated like you didn't do any loyalty mission.
And paragon does not seem to be default.
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