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• 12/22/2016

Multiple Sheps to satisfy your personal canon?

I was wondering if other people do what I do, which is create (and keep) more than one Shep in ME1 so that you can carry them through to ME2 & 3 without sacrificing the internal logic of each Shep's character?

So for example, I have 5 Sheps in total, 4 female and 1 male. That way I can experience every romance that I want to (not every romance in the game, just the ones I like). My engineer romances Kaidan in ME1, stays loyal in ME2, Kaidan again in ME3. My adept does the same, but with Ash. My soldier does the same with Liara. My vanguard romances no one in ME1, and Garrus in 2 & 3. My infiltrator romances no one in ME1, Jacob in 2, and Sam in 3.

I also like this method as it means I've got all but one of the classes on the go, plus they all have a different mix of background. Anyone else do something similar? Maybe I'm just weird!
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• 12/23/2016
4 females and 1 male? You're desperate af
• 12/23/2016
I do something similar I suppose. I don't have them all going at once mind you, and I prefer female infiltrator above all else however I do currently have a male vanguard I just started. But yeah I'll play through once romancing Thane, then again with Garrus. When I romance Thane, in ME3 after the coup I sometimes go with Sam if I get bored but usually not cause I wouldn't do that so soon regardless of orientation. I currently have one going where I'm gonna be loyal to Kaidan from ME1 (wish me luck because Garrus and Thane are my babes) and I'm trying a male vanguard who's gonna be loyal to Ash...gonna do a second one with him too though and romance Tali just to experience it.
• 12/23/2016
Well i created 1 char for each class with the purpose to play complete different styles and character types (4 male, 4 female), as well as to go through all romance plots while staying as loyal to them as possible. It ranges from the Ultra Paragon Saint, over the yeah I made it my way Renegade and ending with "i hate you all" Psycho Shep.... which was totally the hardest playthrough for me as this char did the worst things possible and took the whole galaxy with him. Always went through the whole trilogy... as there are 8 outcomes in ME 3 (3 red, 3 blue, 1 green, and refuse.... although 1 of red and blue is not that special, as it shows damage to earth but not the galaxy... so actually 6 different outcomes).

All in all i finished ME 1 and ME 3 at least a dozen times and ME 2 once more (all die in the base^^).... and still there are team constellations and dialogs that suprise me and are to be discovered. Simply great work in BW here.

@ RediChalyn9 You have the Citadel DLC, don't you?..... brings tears to your eyes if you romance Thane. And Jakobs a ...... nevermind.
• 12/26/2016
It's, in my humble opinion, a far greater personal experience f you stick to one character. & I mean only 1 - ever.

The finger biting decisions I made throughout the trilogy (for the most part) are the same ones a make whenever I play ME.

I think having one Shepherd, & only one story makes the experience incredibly special <3

The thought of Shepherd romancing anyone but Liara breaks my heart! xP
• 12/26/2016
Look at it from that perspective... I always had 1 Main character who represents the way I am, and of course the Main has the most playthroughs. The others are mainly to experience different outcomes and possibilities, simply because they are in the Game. But the Main always stayed true to his way, his believes, and Liara.
• 12/28/2016
Awesome, glad I'm not alone in having multiple characters, and personally I think it's really cool how many different ways there are to experience this game, and how everyone takes a slightly different approach.

@ OwlTown, I like your approach. I can see how that would make the whole trilogy extra meaningful. My husband does a similar thing with the Fallout games - he'll only have one char, and if he makes decisions that don't play out in the ideal way, he'll stick with them so as not to break the immersion.

@ Marolf, yep, I consider my paragon engineer to be my "true" character. I've grown fond of the other four, but she's the one that represents me most accurately.
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